Justice Department Upset over Apple Encryption

Apple encryption means the company cannot hand the Feds real-time interceptions of text messages. The headline in the New York Times reads: “Apple and Other Tech Companies Tangle With U.S. Over Access to Data.” In an investigation involving guns and drugs, the Justice Department obtained a court order this summer demanding that Apple turn over, in real time, text messages between suspects using iPhones. Apple’s response: Its iMessage system was encrypted and the company could not comply. Government Read more […]

Apple Pushing Transgender Propaganda on iPhone Users

Siri will now parrot transgender propaganda, but she can’t tell you Bruce Jenner’s sex. Wired loves it, of course: “Siri Corrects Users Who Don’t Respect Caitlyn Jenner.” Just to point out the obvious lie. People who are horrified that Bruce Jenner emasculated himself and pretended to be a pin-up model are not lacking respect for him. They alone respect him at all. They are the only real friends he has. Eventually, he is going to realize that. Hopefully, when he does so, he will courageously Read more […]

Apple CEO Tim Cook is a Full Brownshirt Fascist

Apple has removed a Civil War computer game from their store because a Confederate battle flag is displayed in it. I thought Warner Brothers’ termination of “Dukes of Hazard” toys was insane (and it is!) but this is even worse. It showed up in my twitter feed and I assumed (or hoped) TouchArcade.com was some new satire site. If you’ve been watching the news recently, you’ll know of the huge debate in the U.S over the role of the Confederate flag in contemporary America. Many see it as Read more […]

iFad Meltdown in the LA School District

The LA School District bought iPads equipped for Common Core for their students. Now they want a refund. The slow-motion train wreck is reaching its destiny. I wrote about the doomed decision on the part of the LA School District to purchase school iPads back in the summer of 2013: “LA Connection: iFad and Common Core Are ‘For The Children’” An excerpt: “Board members Steve Zimmer and Richard Vladovic expressed the most concerns. Zimmer questioned whether devices other than tablets Read more […]

Apple Censors Christians

Apple censors Christians in their app store yet condemns others for allegedly refusing to do business with people they don’t agree with. The Daily Signal published an editorial on Tim Cook that exposed yet another hypocrisy in him and in Apple’s policies: “Apple CEO Tim Cook Is Wrong About Indiana Religious Freedom Law.” Apple CEO Tim Cook has taken to The Washington Post to tell the nation that, in the words of the headline, “Pro-discrimination ‘religious freedom’ laws are dangerous.” Notice Read more […]

Tim Cook Attacks “Discrimination”; Mozilla CEO Unmentioned

According to Tim Cook, Apple CEO, discrimination is bad for business except when it is used against people he doesn’t like. Tim Cook’s Washington Post editorial is amazing. There’s something very dangerous happening in states across the country. A wave of legislation, introduced in more than two dozen states, would allow people to discriminate against their neighbors. Some, such as the bill enacted in Indiana last week that drew a national outcry and one passed in Arkansas, say individuals Read more […]

Hackers Caught Trying to Crack Apple Security: the CIA

The CIA has been working for years to degrade Apple Security according to recent Snowden documents. We need the CIA to give our leaders accurate intelligence about what is going on in the world. That is why they exist and what they are paid for. But we don’t pay them to commit acts of espionage against American businesses. We especially don’t pay them to make our company’s technology products less secure and, therefore, less valuable. Yet that has been the CIA’s mission for years Read more […]

Poaching Workers? Employees Are Now Owned Animals?

Apple is accused of poaching engineers from a bankrupt company. Seriously? The Reuters headline pretends it makes perfect sense: “Apple poaching auto engineers to build battery division: lawsuit.” At first I thought (hoped) the headline was taking the perspective of an idiotic lawsuit, but look how often the word is repeated early in the story: Electric-car battery maker A123 Systems has sued Apple Inc for poaching top engineers to build a large-scale battery division, according to Read more […]

Apple CEO Claims to Be Oppressed Minority

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, quotes Martin Luther King and says he has special understanding of minority groups. We all remember how the intoleristas at Mozilla, one of “Silicon Valley’s many cultural black holes, drove out their CEO for siding with the California majority in believing that marriage is a union between a man and woman, not between two persons in general. With that knowledge in mind, it is maddening to see the self-promoting, self-infatuated Tim Cook publicly patting himself on the Read more […]

Liberating Women… to Serve Corporate Needs

Is enabling them to freeze their eggs a form of liberating women or enslaving them? I don’t have a problem with the technology itself and I don’t have a problem with women holding down corporate jobs. But the fact that Facebook and Apple are providing for female employees to freeze their eggs seems potentially abusive. I’m sure there are health issues confronting some women so that being able to collect eggs might be the only way they can assure themselves they have a shot at motherhood. Read more […]

FBI Attacks Apple for Offering Privacy to Customers

Why would we see a story about how the FBI attacks Apple and Google? Quite simply, because they hate the fact that the public is rebelling against their own lawlessness (if not the FBI’s, then at least the NSA’s). Thanks to infowars.com for posting this video: I appreciate that the news anchor is worried that people will get away with crimes with these encrypted iPhones—and, eventually, Google phones. But doesn’t the fact that we don’t have police cameras monitoring every Read more […]

Tech Companies Warning Customers When Government Demands Their Data

I have often pointed out that we should never expect corporations to stand for freedom against big government. Corporations want to reach mass markets and avoid costs. Big government can grant corporations monopolies and also cost them greatly by punishing them. So I’m pleasantly surprised to learn that some corporations are beginning to defy the national security state. According to the Washington Post: “Apple, Facebook, others defy authorities, notify users of secret data demands.” Major Read more […]