Is American Spring Possible?

I have said many times that the model for throwing off tyranny has been shown in places like Romania and Egypt—crowds of people finally becoming active to either surround and defend those being persecuted by Federal thugs, and/or the halls of power in DC. The “Range War” in Nevada right now is one small example—a large group of unarmed people caused a bunch of uniformed yahoos to pack up and leave from an area this week. Now, a retired Colonel is leading a charge to occupy DC beginning Read more […]

What’s Driving Middle East Uprisings?

Much has been written about the various uprisings which have been gaining strength and momentum since 2008. Usually it takes the tack of focusing on the abuses of the particular regime in question, because the press tends to see things through the eyes of the official underdog in any story based around conflict. Supply side economists like me have pointed to the ways in which monetary debasement by the United States helped set off a wave of food price spikes and launched an Inflation Intifada. But Read more […]

Do We Arm Dictatorial Regimes To Kill Protesters?

I have always been pretty skeptical about the Arab Spring in the Middle East. The way the US pretended that we had allies in Libya who wanted “freedom” against Gaddafi was especially implausible. We basically armed terrorists; perhaps even with the same weapons they used to kill our ambassador. Gaddafi was not a good guy, but taking sides between him and terrorists makes no sense. It makes even less sense that he had been received by the West because he responded to our calls to renounce weapons Read more […]

Are These the Values We Share?

Obama and Clinton have decided it is the job of the US to force regime change on Syria. Romney has called their bluff, pointing out that the pretense of a series of democratic revolutions in the Arab world is really cover for Jihadis and other unsavory types who are overthrowing governments they have long hated in the hopes of establishing a Sharia nation. I very much appreciate Romney’s point that we are not getting “American-style” democracies in the Arab Spring. But I worry when Romney Read more […]

Obama Says Egypt Not an Ally, Media Clarifies and Modifies for Obama

In stating Wednesday night in an interview that he does not “think that we would consider [Egypt] an ally,” Barack Obama inadvertently acknowledged he botched big-time. He added that America does not consider Egypt an enemy, either. When Obama took office in January 2009, it was known: Egypt was an ally, unquestionably. Now there is ambiguity; as we have seen so often during his presidency, when the answer calls for A or B, Obama picks A and B. Ambiguity is not a good position for a president Read more […]