We Were All ‘Sexual Predators’ in Our Evolutionary Past

A note reportedly found inside Ariel Castro’s Cleveland home includes a chilling admission that was made in 2004 by the kidnapper and rapist: “I am a sexual predator. I need help.” If we listen to evolutionists, we are the offspring of sexual predators in our deep dark evolutionary past. Evolution is defined by sexual predator behavior. It’s science. An article published in The Sciences, a New York Academy of Science magazine, stated that “rape is a ‘natural, biological’ phenomenon, Read more […]

What to Do with Kidnappers and Child Abductors

We shrink back in horror and disbelief when we hear of the Ariel Castro kidnappings. Who knows how many women are living in similar conditions, hiding, as it were, in plain sight. There have been other cases. But what are we doing about them? There’s no fear of retribution by people who commit heinous acts. They feat neither God (who they are told does not exist) nor man. Consider the serial killer Dennis Lynn Rader, known as the BTK murderer. “BTK” stands for “Bind, Torture, Kill.” Read more […]