Knowledge of Planned Parenthood Forces Change for Good or Evil

The sting videos have spread knowledge of Planned Parenthood and their organ trafficking, forcing people to choose sides. In most cases, you don’t choose a side just one time. There are some number of professing Christians, for example, ranging from the thousands to the millions, who chose once to follow Jesus. But then new opportunities came their way to choose again. One typical story goes like this: They found a chance to have a sexually-available girlfriend or boyfriend in college, Read more […]

Without Freedom, Being Unpopular Is Dangerous

While political power expands, it becomes unsafe to have unpopular ideas about homosexual marriage or many other things. Kevin Williams wrote a brilliant and sobering essay at the National Review: “War on the Private Mind.” Adlai Stevenson famously offered this definition: “A free society is a society where it is safe to be unpopular.” We do not live in that society. Barack Obama can run for office as an anti-gay-marriage candidate — which he did, more than once — and that is a ho-hum Read more […]

Sexual Conduct with Prostitute Legal for Cop if He Arrests Her

When a police officer reported that a fellow member of the force had used a prostitute, the bosses found an excuse to fire him. I have argued that no cop has a right to a job at taxpayer expense. Some might think that I am contradicting myself when I state that, if this report is at all accurate, Sergeant Don Paul Bales should be given his job back at the Fort Smith, Arkansas, Police Department. But I am not arguing that he should get his job back simply because the people firing him didn’t Read more […]

Kidnap Children over Dad’s Unapproved Supplement

You can’t call the police when they are the ones who kidnap children. Imagine having your seven children kidnapped—it’s exactly the situation wherein you would expect to turn to the civil authorities for quick response, and a safe return of your entire family. Now imagine that it is those same authorities, who are ordained by God to protect you, who are the very ones guilty of the kidnapping. When your society reaches this point you’re in serious trouble. From the Medical Kidnap Read more […]

Even White Separatists Get Free Speech

If Americans believe in free speech we need to stop judging people by what they allow other people to say. The mayor is concerned for his town’s reputation and I can understand why. But this is a learning opportunity for Americans. Just because someone with a bad and false belief can afford to buy a billboard somewhere, that doesn’t necessarily reflect the character of the area’s residents. Fox 2 reports, “KKK sponsored billboard has mayor worried about town’s image.” A KKK-sponsored Read more […]

HHS Gives Arkansas Obamacare a Boatload of “Free” Money

The news about Arkansas Obamacare should not surprise us since falsehoods at every level were involved in selling the Affordable Care Act. What is one more in that long list? According to the Daily Caller, “Federal Report Slams Obama Admin For Underestimating Cost Of Arkansas Medicaid Expansion.” The General Accountability Office report castigated the Department of Health and Human Services for bucking its own rules of ensuring that Arkansas’s version of a Medicaid expansion doesn’t Read more […]

The Koch Brothers Are Supporting A Democrat Against the Tea Party!

There are Republicans who support the wealthy and Democrats who champion the poor, we are told. Even though the Tea Party is showing that such a portrayal is a lie, it is still widely believed (or many pretend to believe it). Thus, Democratic Senator Mark Pryor writes to raise funds to defend his Senate seat in the next election. Friends, Secretive big-donor Super PAC huddles. Tightening polls. Tom Cotton outraising us in the last quarter.  There’s no doubt that all signs point to a tough Read more […]

Was Dick Morris a Democrat Mole?

A mole is an espionage term. The mole burrows deep into an organization to do two things: (1) find information that could help the group that sent him in as a mole and (2) to sabotage the operation of the enemy. Was Dick Morris a mole for the Democrats, in particular, the Clintons? Days before the 2012 election, Morris predicted a Romney landslide. He had been making this claim for some time. Here’s what he said to Bill O’Reilly on Fox on October 31st, nearly a week before the election: O’REILLY: You’re Read more […]

Democrat Election Fraud in Arkansas is Tip of the Iceberg

Arkansas State Representative Hudson Hallum, a Democrat, pleaded guilty Wednesday of conspiring to commit election fraud with his dad, a city councilman and a cop. Hallum had won a seat in Arkansas’ 54th district as a result of a special election in May of last year. The seat was vacated because Fred Smith, the representative that held it previously (another Democrat), was convicted of theft. Hallum was investigated amid election fraud accusations by Hallum’s opponent Kim Felker. A local Fox Read more […]