President Barack Obama Would Rather Break His Promise & Cover Up Genocide to Get Support for Atrocities in Syria

This is just another example of how meaningless are Barack Obama’s promises. I noticed this story because the Heritage Foundation blog recommended a segment by CNN’s Jake Tapper. Here it is. The nationalist Young Turks initiated the Armenian genocide of 1915, a campaign of ethnic cleansing against Armenians in the Ottoman Empire that included massacres and mass deportations. The government of Turkey, which emerged after the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire in 1922, has maintained a policy Read more […]

More Stupid Political and Anti-Gun Arguments

Some of the best and worst arguments about politics and the Second Amendment can be found on the editorial pages of newspapers. My aunt sent me the obituary notice from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette (Feb. 11, 2013, B-6) of a long-time neighbor. On the other side was a series of letters about politics in general and gun issues. The first one was about how Republicans are subverting majority rule. The self-described Democrat contends that since President Obama won a second term, he should be able Read more […]