Laws Needed to Protect Ourselves from Drones

Artificial Intelligence (AI), the science behind the technology of drones needs to improve if we are to remain in control of the weapons used in war. Raw Story reports: Experts in artificial intelligence, lawyers and activists organized by the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots gathered at the United Nations on Tuesday to warn against a growing reliance on cheap drones and “stupid AI” that can be unpredictable in the real world. “Terminator always comes up,” Toby Walsh, a professor of artificial Read more […]

“Minority Report” Style Computers Running Surveillance to Predict Crime

Did you see the movie “Minority Report,” wherein the government had a “pre-crime” division that took down people before they committed crimes? Ready for a real-life version? How about cities with total surveillance camera coverage, and computers “analyzing behavior” so they can point police to potential lawbreakers. Consider this story: “Introducing AISight: The slightly scary CCTV network completely run by A.I.” Imagine a major city completely covered by a video surveillance system designed Read more […]