Michael Bloomberg Says Some Races Should Be Disarmed

The former New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg, says cities should get guns away from some races to keep them alive. It is amazing to me what Liberals will say. At a time when African Americans are re-discovering the Second Amendment and the value of owning firearms, Michael Bloomberg says he wants cities to take guns out of their hands. According to the Washington Times: “Michael Bloomberg suggests disarming minorities to ‘keep them alive’” Former New York Mayor Michael Read more […]

Why Liberals Want Ignorant Voters

Our founding fathers knew that an educated public was necessary to protect and preserve our republic. Therefore, they passed the Old Deluder Satan Law in 1647 which required towns to provide a school where reading, writing, and the Bible would be taught. Since then, progressive educational policy makers have been undermining that early view of our republic. Preserving our republic is still possible if the root of the problem is understood, if energies are focused, and if reformers are determined Read more […]