New York Times on Drone “Report Card”

Kudos to the NY Times for having the courage to print this. They’ve covered a few stories, of late, that are quite critical of bad White House policies. Perhaps the journalists are slowing waking up, and fulfilling their duty to the nation. The group found that more than a decade into the era of armed drones, the American government has yet to carry out a thorough analysis of whether the costs of routine secret killing operations outweigh the benefits. The report urges the administration to conduct Read more […]

Drone Killing American Citizens Without Due Process—It Really Is Cold-Blooded Murder

So the President’s secret memo that purports to explain the Constitutional basis for using drones to kill American citizens without due process has finally been released, thank to a FOIA request and a judge’s order. When you think about this document, remember that it is not only about what has happened in the past. As late as February Michael Peroutka pointed out that the New York Times was reporting that the Obama Administration was discussing whether or not to kill an American citizen in Read more […]

NSA Honcho: We Kill People on the Basis of Metadata, but You Can Trust Us with Yours

I’m completely flabbergasted that someone would offer such an admission as a defense of the NSA as if it could possibly reassure Americans. For months and months we heard that the NSA spying was no big deal because they only sucked up “the metadata” of all those phone calls. How important can the metadata be if they aren’t (as they claim) collecting the content of those calls. Important enough to use to decide whether or not to kill people! From the ABC News blog we get a report on the statement Read more […]

Imagine a Drone-Fired Missile Hitting the Constitution. Or Your Child.

The Republic is dead. The Rule of Law is assassinated. From the New American: On April 4, a federal court dismissed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Obama administration’s killing of three American citizens in two drone strikes in 2011. The complaint was filed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) on behalf of the families of Anwar al-Awlaki, Samir Khan, and Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, Anwar al-Awlaki’s 16-year-old son. The Read more […]

Edward Snowden Fuels The Fantasy Life Of 007-Wannabe Tax-Feeders

Hop on a “mental plane” with me for a moment, and let’s take a look at this situation from 50,000 feet. Members of our “Intelligence community” want Edward Snowden murdered, and at least one is fantasizing about how he would do it, while another even believes we should dispense with this citizen’s constitutional right to a fair trial. From Buzzfeed: “In a world where I would not be restricted from killing an American, I personally would go and kill him myself,” a current NSA analyst told Read more […]

DHS Nominee Believes US Government Personnel Can Be Legally Assassinated Without Due Process

Here’s the report from Associated Press: U.S. citizens are legitimate military targets when they take up arms with al-Qaida, top national security lawyers in the Obama administration said Thursday. The lawyers were asked at a national security conference about the CIA killing of Anwar al-Awlaki, a U.S. citizen and leading al-Qaida figure. He died in a Sept. 30 U.S. drone strike in the mountains of Yemen. The government lawyers, CIA counsel Stephen Preston and Pentagon counsel Jeh Johnson, did Read more […]

Why Shouldn’t Assad Get The Nobel Peace Prize If Obama Got One? is a valuable site because it summarizes the news and, by its selection and commentary, distills What We Are Supposed To Think ™ according to the establishment. Nowhere is this clearer than in their single paragraph summary about a recent statement from Syria’s embattled president: That Bashar al-Assad sure is a kidder. When asked today to comment on the Nobel Peace Prize—which was awarded to the UN group currently working to dismantle his chemical weapons arsenal—the Syrian ruler Read more […]

Rand Paul Establishes 2016 Formidability In Epic Filibuster

The store I work at was closed yesterday due to inclement weather. It was a good thing, though, because I really didn’t feel like going out there in the snow to shovel the global warming out of the driveway and scrape the global warming off of the car, all while global-warming flakes would be blizzarding downward and sneaking into my collar to get me all cold and wet–cold, as only global warming can make me. Being stuck at home, I had the great opportunity to watch Senator Rand Paul filibuster Read more […]

Remember, Libs: More Executive Power For Obama Means More For Next GOP President

The recent coverage of President Obama’s policy of targeting American citizens for drone-bombing for mere suspicion of supporting terrorism has demonstrated not only an interesting though unsurprising double standard from the left, but also a child-like ignorance of the implications of the policies they support. MSNBC host Krystal Ball is proud to admit that she is completely okay with Obama killing whatever citizens he so chooses because she trusts him to make the right choice, but that she would Read more […]

Where’s Liberal Outrage over Riot and Assassination Talk?

Assassination talk is all around us, and the media are silent or dismissive on the subject. Once again the media double standard is in play. It’s like playing a game in the World Series where the umpires have two rule books, one for each team. An error is a hit for one team, and a hit is an error for the other team. There’s even been talk about riots if Mitt Romney wins. Here are some examples as posted at InfoWars: “If obama dont get re-elected & romney wins .. on life every white Read more […]