Getting Wise to Gun Control Lies

How many times have we witnessed the scenario where some crazy or some terrorist kills a bunch of people in a public place with a gun and within hours, sometimes minutes, the Left is breaking out the calls for gun control? Never waste a crisis is the mantra for Progressives pushing their anti-gun agenda. Apparently, though, years of the same tactics are finally backfiring on the Left. A new ABC News/Washington Post poll has found the highest opposition to an “assault weapons” ban ever. According Read more […]

Education v. Fear: Another Popular Strategy For Attacking Our 2nd Amendment Rights

I have written about how liberals ignore crime and safety facts to promote gun control. Now I want to tackle the way they frame the issue.   Gun Education You don’t have to be a gun-smith or a military expert to have an education on firearms.  One of the reasons why the military, police, deputies and firearm advocates will dismiss any argument from the Left that starts with “Assault Rifle” is because they have a factual working knowledge of the firearms that are being discussed.  If you Read more […]

Obama Arms Muslim Terrorists With Machine Guns But Wants U.S. Taxpayers Disarmed

The Obama administration announced recently that it would start overtly arming the Syrian “rebels.” Overtly, as opposed to covertly. I have a hard time believing that they’re just now starting to arm the rebellion. They’ve been doing this for a long time under the radar. It’s just that, now, they’re making it public. Apparently, there had been a delay in getting the arms to the rebel groups in Syria, but it’s being reported now that those shipments are finally coming in. The Washington Read more […]

Bill Clinton: It’s Harder to Vote than Purchase Assault Weapons

When you start hearing intelligent people say stupid things, you know they’ve lost the argument. Bill Clinton is a smart man. He’s a Rhodes Scholar. He’s well read. But he can’t defend liberalism by an appeal to facts. So he does the only thing he can. He makes up stuff. The same tactic is used by today’s racialists. Everything is about race. Criticism of an Obama policy is an attack on him and all blacks because he’s black. People are getting tired of hearing the “it’s all Read more […]

The “Moral” Crusade of Anti-Gun Journalists

It’s all rather sad and pathetic. Now that Harry Reid has decided to not pursue the Feinstein proposal on assault weapons, liberal journalists are coming out wagging their fingers and their ethical superiority. Castigating Reid’s decision, Eugene Robinson writes: “The answer isn’t political, it’s moral. The answer is that this is not a moment to do the expedient thing but instead to do the right thing.” Yeah right, as if the ban on so-called assault weapons itself was not motivated by politics, Read more […]

Thousands Flocking to Gun Stores and Gun Shows in Fear of Obama

Fearing that President Barack Obama is about to defy the US Constitution and start banning ownership of guns, thousands of Americans are crowding gun shows and flocking to gun stores to buy guns now before it’s too late. In Richmond, Virginia, around a thousand people showed up Saturday for the C&E Gun Show held at the Showplace, just off the Mechanicsville Turnpike.  Crowds lined up for hundreds of yards waiting for the doors to open.  One businessman who owns a shop across from where Read more […]