Rape Culture Hysteria: 13-Year-Old Boy Charged with Assault for Kissing 14-Year-Old Girl

Is this what is meant by “rape culture”—a young teen facing criminal charges because he kissed a girl on a dare? I don’t think thirteen-year-olds should be kissing teen girls against their will. Both the boy and the other students who encouraged him should be punished. I hate to sound old, but when I was a student, a teen might receive physical discipline for such an act. Now we are much more enlightened. We don’t lay a hand on students; we just bestow on them a permanent criminal record. WBFF Read more […]

One Victim with No Handgun against Four Attackers with a Machete

Four Attackers and not one of them is in the hospital or the morgue with a gunshot wound! But the victim will probably have a hand amputated. The Blaze reports on what should be called “a Michael Bloomberg dream scenario”: “18-Year-Old Bicycle Rider in Critical Condition with Skull Fracture, May Lose Hand After Late-Night Machete Attack.” An 18-year-old bicycle rider was in critical condition and may lose a hand after four men used a machete to attack him in the street early Sunday, Los Read more […]

News Story Changes When “Thug” Is “Officer”

The language of a news story shifted in amazing ways from the earlier version before we learned the attacker was a cop! He was a “hulking brute.” He was a “thug.” And he did things: he attacked, he grabbed, he shoved, he “grabbed her in an unprovoked attack,” and then “he ran away, smiling.” But that was before the paper learned who the attacker was. In the later story in the New York Daily News, it became mostly passive voice. The victim “was put into a bear hug,” Read more […]

Two Women Assault Cop; Warrant Issued for Their Arrest

Watch the video showing these two women assault cop and ask yourself what is wrong with the San Jose Police Department. This assault took place, allegedly, September. You would think that an assault on a police officer would involve immediate action, but that didn’t happen. The San Jose PD issued a warrant for the two dangerous assailants after this video surfaced. [Note: I think I have the video fixed now. If you don’t see it below you can also go here to view it.] So, first let Read more […]

Whatever Happened Here Was NOT a Hate Crime

Whatever you see, you know it can’t be a hate crime. A gang of people of one shade attacking and beating the stuffing out of a couple who are of a different shade simply doesn’t warrant such a label. Here’s the video and you can see the absence of a hate crime for yourself. I don’t know if this was really a hate crime. But I am tired of seeing crimes involving White attacks on Blacks automatically treated as a horrible race issue that proves we are still a racist ™ society. Read more […]

Greece Austerity Blowback: Attack On German Ambassador’s Residence

I asked earlier this month, “What happens when Southern Europe boils over?” Of course, the boiling point in Southern Europe, if you will, is Greece. Today, the violence, which before had been restricted to rioting as far as I can tell, reached a new level. From the New York Times: Assailants raked the German ambassador’s residence in Athens with gunfire early on Monday in an attack that caused no injuries, Greek police officials said. The police found 60 spent bullet casings at the scene Read more […]

Convicted Rapist Misses Sentencing Hearing Twice – Ya Think?

I’ve often wondered why a person, who is just convicted of a crime, is released from jail prior to their sentencing hearing.  If they are convicted by a jury, why aren’t they put in jail immediately and kept there?  Who in their right mind would expect someone who was just convicted of felony crimes and then set free, to actually show up for their sentencing hearing? Case in point is 23 year old John Stuedle.  In November, Stuedle was convicted of 15 counts of 3rd degree rape and custodial Read more […]

85-Year-Old Jailed For “Assault With a Deadly Weapon” For Hitting A Man With His Cane

An 85-year-old man named John Copeland was thrown in prison on a $50,000 bond for “felony assault with a deadly weapon.” It wasn’t a gun or even a kitchen knife that he used to assault someone. It was his cane. He got into an altercation with a man in a Home Depot parking lot who questioned Copeland about his expired handicapped parking placard. The man wasn’t dressed like a cop but turned out to be a volunteer for the Denver Police. According to a local Fox affiliate in Denver, Copeland Read more […]

Homeowner Tased For Fighting House Fire

I used to think that people who told stories of “police brutality” must have been anti-cop. I didn’t understand why they would criticize the very people who were there to protect us. Sure, they might have to use brute force sometimes, but that’s only when they’re dealing with an unruly criminal. How naïve I was. These days, it’s too easy to find stories where police have completely over-stepped their bounds as public “protectors” and “servants.” I’m not “anti-cop.” Just Read more […]

The Men in Blue, They Assault You

While we are fighting the war on terror, perhaps we can stop our police officers from terrorizing the rest of the populace. A man in Springfield, MO, has filed a lawsuit alleging that he was assaulted by a police man for the offense of asking for the officer’s name. The entire incident was videotaped, but at the time when the Springfield News-Leader published the story, the video had not yet been released. The lawsuit alleges that Officer Brian Reeves grabbed Peter Anselmo by his jacket with Read more […]