Albuquerque Continues to Plunder Residents Despite State Law

When New Mexico banned asset forfeiture, we heard the police moaning about they wouldn’t be able to function unless they could plunder people without convicting them of any crime. Now, Albuquerque has created a fake loophole. The Washington Examiner reports: New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, a Republican, signed a historic reform of civil forfeiture in her state earlier this year. The reform law cracked down on the much-abused practice by, among other things, requiring that defendants be convicted Read more […]

Asset Forfeiture: Those Who Steal for Their Jobs Learn to Steal for Themselves

An audit of asset forfeiture takings found the money is going for personal gain. It should surprise no one that people in law enforcement are spending the money they take on themselves. If they can rationalize taking other people’s money to build a luxury police station or create some other job perk, then it is an easy move to start spending the money in other ways that also directly benefit you. In fact, they can not only steal money for personal use, but they can defend their actions when Read more […]

Cops Made Money Laundering Money for Drug Cartels

Bal Harbour Police Department and the Glades County Sheriff’s Office made $2.4 million by laundering money and charging three percent. Remember all the nice cars and boats that the police had for undercover work in that old TV show, Miami Vice? We may now have a clue how a police department could have enough funds to afford such lavish toys. Nick Sibilla of the Institute for Justice writes at, “ Posing as money launderers, police in Bal Harbour and Glades County, Fla. laundered Read more […]

Feds Rob Man of Life Savings because They Can

When the Feds rob a man they simply list a groundless accusation which they never prove in court; the victim is not even charged. Tim Cushing at TechDirt writes of another typical outrage in the former United States of America: “Nail Salon Owner Sues for Return of Life Savings Seized by DEA Agents at Airport.” Here’s something you see all too rarely — not because the government’s civil forfeiture programs aren’t routinely abused – but because it’s a good way to spend lots of money fighting Read more […]

New Mexico Police Complain They Can No Longer Plunder the Public

When police complain about their budgets they are basically admitting they want to live by theft. I wouldn’t be so harsh about this story if they were actually requesting increased funds. But how the New Mexico police complain certainly sounds like they are mainly lobbying to get back their old freedom to simply take stuff from others without having to convict anyone at trial, or even having to charge someone with a crime. The story comes from the Four Corners News in New Mexico: “Civil Read more […]

Another Kind of Police Asset Forfeiture

Asset forfeiture is bad when the police take your stuff; it is also bad when police destroy your stuff. I often write about asset forfeiture where a law enforcement group simply takes assets they “suspect” were used in a crime. They never have to prove the guilt of the person whose assets they grab. Often, they don’t even charge him. Police departments can then afford new “toys” and even sometimes an entirely new police station. But there are other ways law enforcement personnel can Read more […]

The Asset Forfeiture Police Station Shows Why Taxpayers Allow It

Richland, Mississippi, sports a new asset forfeiture police station and demonstrates why it is tolerated. I remember when I was a young child watching a lot of animal shows. They would often show a predator—typically some kind of big cat like a lion or cheetah—sneak up on a heard of grazing herbivores like antelopes, deer, or cattle of some kind. When they charged, the grazers scattered and fled. Usually, the grazers then went a little distance away, calmed down, and started grazing again. It Read more […]

IRS Returns Stolen Money but Still Rips Off Victim and Goes Unpunished

When you return stolen money you should not claim to own the interest your received while you kept it in your possession. Here is a semi-positive update to the grand-theft story in North Carolina where government goons stole $108,000 from an honest businessman. Three reasons every person involved in this seizure—and their superiors—should be fired from their government jobs, and banned from the public sector for the rest of their lives: One: “U.S. Attorney Thomas Walker cited changes Read more […]

Houston Federal Judge Invents New Kind of Asset Forfeiture

When the Feds can use your truck in a sting operation, get it riddled with bullet holes, and pay you nothing, it is simply another form of asset forfeiture. Here is how Andy Vickery, a lawyer for a trucking company owner, Craig Patty, described a judge’s decision to the Houston Chronicle: A federally deputized corporal from the Houston Police Department decides to pay your small company’s driver to drive your truck to the Mexican border, load it up with illegal drugs, and try to catch some Read more […]

DEA Robs Man for Carrying Money while Black

Traveling with cash while black gives government agent a license to steal—no charges, no trial, and no way to survive with room and board. I asked awhile back if Eric Holder was serious about ending asset forfeiture. Obviously, he wasn’t. He’s now gone and Loretta Lynch, our Republican-confirmed Attorney General loves asset forfeiture. So we get stories like this one in the Albuquerque Journal: It happened, Rivers said, to him on April 15 as he was traveling on Amtrak from Dearborn, Read more […]

Veteran Robbed of $60k+ for Marijuana Smell; Never Charged

Court ruled a veteran robbed of over sixty thousand dollars by Nebraska State Troopers and the DEA had no right to object to the robbery. No matter what Eric Holder promised, civil forfeiture is still going strong. According to the Institute of Justice’s Mark Brewer, writing at, a recent decision by the U.S. 8th Circuit Court of Appeals has made sure that such open thievery will continue in many Midwestern states. We just need to face up to the fact that the Feds expect and want Read more […]

Newspaper Warns Citizens about Police South of the Border

Citizens are warned that, south of the border, police are committing robbery. Canadians must be careful! How many of us are used to warnings about the police in other countries—like Mexico—who will pull you over, and shake you down for a bribe? Now read this major news article from Canada. And come to grips with the fact that other nations are feeling the need to warn their own citizens about that exact kind of criminal behavior by law enforcement… in the United States! [See also, Read more […]