Multiculturalism: A More Critical Look

I raised two children through high school and college, and I’ve found a disturbing anti-American bias is apparent in their multicultural studies. America’s history is presented as a series of racist, ethnocentric, and colonialist abuses. Perhaps a partial undercurrent of truth exists for some of these criticisms. However, every major civilization on earth has been guilty of the same charges at one time or another. To America’ s credit, we evolved and are arguably the most tolerant nation on the Read more […]

America’s Melting Pot Becomes America’s Pressure Cooker

The United States has borders that are nearly undefended. America is the only nation on the planet where this is so. George W. Bush’s soft spot for Mexican illegals did tremendous damage to what remained of America’s immigration law. It’s much worse now. RINOs and some “Conservatives,” like Senator Marco Rubio, are more than eager to compound the blunder, despite evidence provided by history and the outrage of their constituents. Senator Rubio, especially, seems to have slipped a Read more […]