Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide Cause Fear Among Disabled

Things are confusing in the world today. First, the culture, headed up by the media, tells us that we need to tolerate everyone.  Hate-speech is not allowed.  If someone is transgender or homosexual or a crossdresser, we are to tolerate and even embrace them because they were born that way. Then, when we hear about disabled people, we hear how brave they are.  Or, how about a terminally ill person, he is brave, too.  This is, of course, true.  People with disabilities and terminal illnesses Read more […]

Canadian Gov to Doctors: You WILL Assist Suicide

No conscientious objection to suicide is permitted; all medical institutions MUST participate. If a position doesn’t open up here soon enough, perhaps the psycho girlfriend who convinced her boy toy to kill himself can find employment up north. CTV News reports, “Quebec health minister insists dying patients must get help to ease suffering.” That is regime-speak for saying that each and every hospital and institution is required to assist in suicide. Terminally ill patients in Quebec who Read more […]

Healthy 75-Year-Old Woman Chooses Suicide over Aging

A woman chooses suicide in a way that will play into the hands of those who plan to impose involuntary euthanasia (i.e. murder). Extreme aging is the final trial that some of us will face in this life, if we are blessed in that way. Because medical care is so complicated now and two-income families rely on institutions to outsource much of what used to be normal family life, old age can be a very difficult time. It isn’t that way for everyone, but it can be. Naturally, a palliative care Read more […]

The Disabled Oppose the Right to Die

Despite darlings propped up in the media, many of the disabled see the right to die as a knife against their throats. Are all the disabled desperately pining for their state to pass right to die legislation? Or do they fear that such legislation will be used to pressure them into a decision for suicide? Wesley J. Smith writes at the National Review, “Disability-Rights Champions Against Assisted Suicide.” [See also, “Choosing to Die Will Become Required to Die.”] People who may only Read more […]

Healthy but Old: Then We Are Happy to Help You Kill You!

In Switzerland, the official practices have changed. Up until now, Switzerland had (and still does!) a barbaric assisted suicide law. Rather than try to help people or talk them out of committing suicide, the law in Switzerland is that you can be “helped” in the task of destroying your own life. But for all its boldness, the law was actually passed by cowardice. Just like Barack Obama signing off on indefinite detention while “promising” he won’t use the provision in the law, the Swiss Read more […]

What You Know Just Ain’t So: Evolution

A man known as Josh Billings, one of the leading American humorists during the second half of the nineteenth century, once said this: “It ain’t what a man don’t know that makes him a fool…It’s all the things he does know…that just ain’t so.” I think we can heartily agree that it’s a problem when a man or woman takes action based on beliefs that are flawed.  It’s really a recipe for disaster. The same is true for a culture and its government.  No matter how much Read more […]

Vermont Legalizes Assisted Suicide: Death Panels?

Vermont became the fourth state to legalize assisted suicide. Of course, they don’t call it that. And they don’t call it euthanasia either. They call it “death with dignity.” It’s hard to believe that people were actually cheering on the Vermont Governor as he signed the Death with Dignity Act into law. What about this is worthy of cheering? Now, there are certain stipulations in the new law that place restrictions on who can and cannot receive “end-of-life” drugs to hasten their Read more […]