Report: AP Used Children to Stage Anti-Israel Photo Series

The Associated Press used Palestinian children to fake anti-Israel photos during its investigative series on last summer’s Hamas-Israel war, according to the New York Observer. The series, released in February, portrayed Israel as “a serial violator of the norms of warfare, wantonly and indiscriminately slaughtering civilians,” according to the Observer’s article. Among the AP’s many liberties, it described the dead father of a Palestinian boy as a “policeman,” when in fact he was a jihadi Read more […]

De Blasio’s Secret Government in New York City

Back in March we told you that the Associated Press was reporting on how the Obama Administration is constantly denying Freedom of Information requests. The White House’s record-breaking secrecy isn’t unique among monstrously liberal regimes. Now the AP is reporting that we are seeing new levels of secrecy from the New York City mayor’s office. From the first moments of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration, when he initially declared his midnight swearing-in off limits to the Read more […]

How Mainstream Media Pretends U.S. Finances Are Improving

Consider the report from Associated Press: The U.S. government is running a deficit that is 23.6 percent lower than in the same period a year ago through the first five months of this budget year, another sign of improvement in the nation’s finances. In its monthly budget report, the Treasury Department said Thursday that the deficit for February totaled $193.5 billion, the largest monthly imbalance in a year. The government traditionally runs large deficits in February, a month when it is sending Read more […]

Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want You To Stare Directly At Our Economy

What a lovely headline from the Associated Press at the L. A. Times website! “U. S. economy adds 204,000 jobs in October” And then the teaser tells us that the media is even willing to weaken their mantra about how the government “shut down” (as if!) hurt the economy: “The burst of hiring comes despite the 16-day government shutdown…” And then a slight bit of bad news: “The unemployment rate ticks up to 7.3%.” But even that bit of bad news is soon dispelled: The U.S. economy added Read more […]

DHS Is Doing A Bang-Up Job (At Least That’s What Happened To The Plane)

In the news this morning: “Report: DHS employees abusing overtime allowances” by Alicia Caldwell: WASHINGTON (AP) — Employees from six Homeland Security Department offices have abused an overtime program and cost the government about $8.7 million a year, according an Office of Special Counsel letter and report sent Thursday to the president and Congress… According to one whistle-blower, some Customs and Border Protection employees assigned to the commissioner’s situation room at its headquarters Read more […]

The Media Got Used by Obama and They Can’t Admit it

First the AP was violated by the Justice Department infringing on their first amendment rights. Today, according to Fox News, it is learned that Fox reporter, James Rosen, has been accused by the FBI of being “at the very least, either as an aider, abettor, and/or co-conspirator.” That’s marginally better than the Justice Department’s more blunt contention. They are calling Mr. Rosen “a criminal co-conspirator.” The investigation is said to be related to leaks of classified information Read more […]

“Illegal Immigrants” Get a Description Makeover

On a day when White House Senior Advisor Mike Allen complains that The Drudge Report has traction with pundits in the news game, Drudge reports that the Associated Press will no longer use the phrase “illegal immigrant.” Having jettisoned the phrase “illegal alien” light years ago, the AP has now declared that “illegal immigrant” is no longer to be included in their “Stylebook of Phrases.” They will instead offer less “judgmental” phrases. They haven’t yet come up with an Read more […]

Left-Wing ‘Moral’ Radicalism Pours Out of the Box

Now that homosexual marriage is the law of the land in ten states (the Illinois state legislature just voted in favor of it), we’re going to see a ramp up of moral depravity and forced compliance in every area of life. Demands, edicts, laws, and bullying are going to be ground out like pork sausage. The people who have supported the homosexual movement have no idea what they’ve unleashed. Now there is a fight going on among homosexual marriage advocates on how they want to be described by Read more […]

The AP Reveals Its Anti-Romney Agenda

In what can only be described as shameless partisan “news reporting,” the Associated Press (AP) published an image of Mitt Romney in mid-crouch, preparing for a picture with elementary school kids. The awkward pose is one thing, but what makes the image so particularly problematic is the expression on a young girl’s face immediately behind Romney. The photo, without any context, makes it look as if Romney is bending over at the girl and she is reacting to it. It is purely reckless and an obvious Read more […]