Russia against the Sex Pervert Nation

Our bureaucracies have quietly turned us into the sex pervert nation of the world. Sometimes I see news stories that seem so far-fetched I think I must be reading dystopian science fiction. But, no; it is real news. I’ve already written on how the U.S. State Department is insisting on imposing homosexual marriage on all the nations of the world by forcing them to change their customs and laws to accommodate homosexual “marriages” (as they pretend to be) among State Department employees Read more […]

Russia’s Gays Seeking Asylum In US

It’s bad enough that gay rights and homosexuality is being taught to kids as young as kindergarten in the public schools and Christian business owners are being forced to compromise their faith to cater to them.  If you speak out against homosexuality for biblical reasons, you are labeled a homophobe and guilty of hate language, but it’s okay for a gay person to bash straight people and the Bible all they want.   They are seeking preferential treatment, not equality. Just when you thought Read more […]

Vladimir Putin Get’s the Best of Obama

The following is a clever rendition of how President Obama got slapped down as a world leader and is in full retreat around the world. Obama’s rhetoric may work at home with low information voters, but it doesn’t work with someone like Vladimir Putin who rides horses shirtless while Obama rides a bicycle with a protective helmet. The following excerpt is from the folks at Breitbart. It’s titled “Inside the Mind of Vladimir Putin.” It’s a classic: “Yeah, I’ll admit that I’m disappointed Read more […]