Tolerance is for Everyone

In Atlanta, a federal judge will decide if former Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran has a valid case against the City of Atlanta. Atlanta’s Channel 11, NBC News affiliate broadcast the story: The Atlanta Fire Chief terminated after he published controversial comments about homosexuality pursued his wrongful termination case in federal court. Federal Judge Leigh May said she will make her decision on whether the case against the city of of Atlanta should be dismissed “soon.” Kelvin Cochran was fired Read more […]

Here’s Proof the Nation Has Learned Nothing from Ferguson

In Ferguson the poor get jail time for small-time non-violent, non-damaging infractions. A prosecutor and court in the Atlanta area were just fine with that. The good news is that, when the court saw themselves in the light of a viral news story about what they had done, they reversed themselves. Nothing gives people a conscience like knowing that other people are watching. But, until yesterday, it looked as if the prosecutor and the court were going to make an African American laborer Read more […]

Can States Say No to the Feds? Cities Show the Way of State Sovereignty

The United States of America ARE, not the United States of America IS. Each state in the union of states has its own constitution, governor, and body of laws. Each state has its own way of collecting taxes. No group of states can tell other states how to run their state. Some states have a state income tax, and some don’t. If we don’t like how our state is being governed, we can move to another state. This is one reason for the inclusion of the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. At Read more […]

Is Victory Plausible in an Unfair Election?

It’s not surprising that the U.S. Government is one of Obama’s top 5 campaign donors. Guaranteed higher salaries is one reason. Obama has proposed giving federal employees a 0.5% pay increase next year even though government employees already make more money on average than their private sector counterparts. Government employees also enjoy a higher job security rate than that in the private sector simply because governments don’t really have to be constrained by a budget and are therefore not Read more […]