The Death of Outrage… or of Subtlety?

You’ve probably heard of the death of outrage. It’s what happens when people are apathetic concerning important things. Abortion kills three thousand unborn babies a day just in the United States? Oh well. We’re sixteen trillion dollars in debt and the budget shortfall this year is over a trillion dollars? Oh well. It doesn’t mean people don’t get extremely bothered about certain things. Just read some of the comments on this site. You can usually spot the ones I’m thinking of pretty Read more […]

New Climate Change Poll Proves People Have Short Attention Spans

In the wake of the recent heat wave, more people in the U.S. now believe in “climate change” according to a recent poll. Numbers had dropped to fifty-two percent in the winter of 2010 because of record snowfall. In fact, snowfall and cold temperatures had hounded global warming conferences (known as the “Gore Effect”), so the high priests of the global environmental apocalypse changed their nomenclature from “global warming” to the more nebulous “climate change.” Apparently their linguistic Read more […]