Lying About Gun Violence To Deter Gun Ownership

It isn’t just the UK government that fudges the truth. It happens on this side of the Atlantic as well. Katie Pavlich at reports, Earlier this week we learned of NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s $1.1 million anti-gun advertisement buy for Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Terry McAuiliffe. Bloomberg funneled the money into Virginia through his PAC, USA Independence and advertisements have been running on radio and television since Tuesday. One television ad in particular targets Read more […]

Gun Control Misfires: A Tale of Four Cities

Gun control is on every liberal’s lips thanks to the shootings in Aurora, Colo., by an insane gunman wielding an AR-15 rifle, shotgun and a pistol. (Update: I had originally written AK-47 instead of AR-15 based on news sources that reported it that way and the president’s speech about AK-47s. Thanks to you sharp readers who know the difference!) New York Mayor and Soda Nazi Michael Bloomberg has urged police officers to go on strike until all privately held handguns are turned in, which sounds Read more […]

Bloomberg’s Shameless Political Opportunism

Predictably, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg opened his big mouth about the Aurora Colorado massacre. And, predictably, the topic was one of gun control.  Isn’t it just a little bit ironic that the guy who’s had little to no effect on gun violence in his own city seeks to lecture the rest of us? Bloomberg even had the nerve to call out President Obama and Mitt Romney for their responses to the massacre with these words: “Soothing words are nice, but maybe it’s time that the two people Read more […]

Watching the World Burn

Once again, the Batman has created a controversy. This time, however, the reality is hitting too close to home. Early this morning, at a midnight premiere of the final film in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy in Aurora, Colorado, an apparently lone gunman opened fire on the audience, killing 12 and injuring 38 others. Eyewitnesses said they were confused at first, thinking the gunshot sounds were a part of the onscreen action. Once viewers began scrambling and screaming though, it became  obvious Read more […]