More Veterans Affairs Corruption in Colorado

A year after the scandal and Veterans Affairs corruption is still costing veterans and the public. Our veterans obviously need support and care. It is the obligation of the government that used these soldiers and, in many cases, put them in harm’s way, to provide for their medical needs. But just because government should do these things doesn’t mean that it is competent to do so. Just like the beneficiaries of our massive welfare state are not the poor who we are supposedly trying to help, Read more […]

Flooding the Country with Ignorance

Maybe it was a challenge to see how many non-truths he could pack into one article, but Eric D. Snider’s diatribe about guns in movies at the website is filled with them. Of course, I never miss the opportunity to be informed about the American gun culture by a “prolific film critic,” especially when that same critic believes that the NRA (National Rifle Association) is dedicated to “flooding the country with guns.” And this comes in the very first paragraph. I knew I was in for Read more […]

The Aurora Massacre and the War on Meaning

The Batman massacre by orange-headed defendant James Holmes is a noisy burp following an extended sit-down meal at a buffet-style restaurant in a strip mall of modern philosophy. The fare in the first course is a high-fat all-you-can-eat consumerism with two side dishes — steamed post-modernism and cream-slathered despair. Nestled between is a bun from enriched white flour, largely decorative. The attack that killed 12 and wounded 48 people in an Aurora, Colo., movie theater is forcing Americans Read more […]

Gun Control Misfires: A Tale of Four Cities

Gun control is on every liberal’s lips thanks to the shootings in Aurora, Colo., by an insane gunman wielding an AR-15 rifle, shotgun and a pistol. (Update: I had originally written AK-47 instead of AR-15 based on news sources that reported it that way and the president’s speech about AK-47s. Thanks to you sharp readers who know the difference!) New York Mayor and Soda Nazi Michael Bloomberg has urged police officers to go on strike until all privately held handguns are turned in, which sounds Read more […]

Our Guns are Already Controlled and We’re Sitting Ducks

The Second Amendment isn’t much use if (1) law-abiding, sane, and moral people don’t carry a weapon, (2) public businesses don’t allow citizens to exercise their rights by allowing them to carry their weapon into their establishment, and (3) people aren’t trained on how to use a weapon in high-pressure situations. There was another shooting in Aurora, Colorado, in April of this year. It didn’t get much media attention, maybe because someone with a gun killed the gunman before he could Read more […]

Shooting at Batman Premier Blamed on Tea Party

Insanity runs in families. The media family is filled with insane people. The shooting at the The Dark Knight Rises premier has started a liberal media feeding frenzy. Piers Morgan is calling for gun control. Some are calling on Obama and Romney to pull back on campaigning. Fat Czar Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to know what Obama and Romney are going to do about the violence. Bloomberg and other liberals haven’t said much about the number of murders in Chicago — 260. You might remember that Read more […]