Purposely Vague Language in New Gun Rules Could Outlaw all Guns

The best way to get what you want out of a law is to make it vague. A vague law is a law that needs to be interpreted. Since no one is devoid of presuppositions, the person or persons interpreting the law will interpret it in terms of his or her worldview. Look what our politicians have done with the phrase “general welfare.” Even though the Constitution is specific about what constitutes general welfare (there’s a semicolon after the phrase with a list that follows defining the meaning Read more […]

Why I Doubt The Government Will Grab Our Guns

No matter how much politicians pretend to be offended by “assault rifles,” one fact remains undeniable: they really aren’t that dangerous to the regime. Frankly, the moment we allowed “them” to have a monopoly on rocket launchers and automatic weapons, we more or less gave up the real reason for the Second Amendment. Just to be clear, I’m sure that many politicians would be happy if we were already disarmed. They would like our SWAT teams to have a freer hand. And I think they would Read more […]