On The Road Again… Not So Much In 2013… Or 2012…

One of the great parts of American identity since at least World War II and probably earlier has been the ability to travel. America, being a broad and vast country, was transformed like few others by the invention of the automobile. The frontier traveling of our history became the road treks down Route 66. Some of our distinctively American literature has been written around the ideal of simply driving and exploring the country from coast to coast. This was a sign of our prosperity as well as Read more […]

Cops Bust Man For Hiding Empty Space In Car

Ohio State troopers have truly amazing powers of observation. They stopped Norman Gurley on a routine speeding violation. But, the sharp-eyed officers noticed “several wires running to the back of the car.” So, rather than figuring it was none of their business whether or not Gurley’s vehicle had wires, they followed them and found a secret compartment in the vehicle. I’m curious about what sort of secret compartment uses wires that anyone can casually notice by looking in the vehicle. Read more […]