Libertarians to Congratulate Obama Chairman

The Independence Institute has announced that it plans to raise $20,000 in order to run a full-page ad in the Denver Post. The libertarian think tank wants to honor former Denver Mayor Federico Pena for his work as a venture capitalist and an equity manager that, like Bain Capital, was responsible for rewarding successful businesses and shutting down failing ones. What is particularly interesting about Pena though is that he is a co-chair of the Obama for America reelection campaign. What The Read more […]

Lots of Encouraging Election News

The Democrats are accusing Mitt Romney of being Pro-Life. I know Romney’s abortion views have been suspect, but the Democrats think he’s anti-abortion. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz made this point over and over again in her revealing interview with Anderson Copper, so let’s go with it. To add insult to Debbie’s injury, “Internal polling rates her the least effective of all Obama campaign surrogates.” Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of her on the interview circuit There’s a news Read more […]

Laziness, Not Just Bias, Is Killing Journalism

The objectivity of the mainstream news media had been in decline for decades when, in 2008, gasping its last breath, it gave itself into the soothing arms of death. As it stands today, it is nothing more than an institutionalized, 24/7, year-round campaign for Democratic politicians. Although objectivity has perished, we are now beginning to see also the pretense of objectivity gradually wither away, with established and highly acclaimed news sources doing a slow, unashamed reveal of their Read more […]

Bane as Bain: There’s Nothing to See Here

Let the pundit pontificating begin. The third and final film in Christopher Nolan’s superb Batman trilogy is due to be released this Friday, and already the dogs are barking about its political nature. The Dark Knight Rises features a character named Bane, who is apparently concerned by economic inequality and isn’t opposed to resorting to terrorism to make his message known. Sound familiar? Conservatives, after being tipped off by liberal bloggers about the homonym nature of Bane and Bain Read more […]