Is Chicago Following Detroit’s Example?

Earlier this month, Detroit became the largest city in the US to file for bankruptcy.  After 51 years of Democratic leadership, the city was so far in debt with no way to pay it off that it had no alternative but take the route they did. Another shining example of Democratic leadership is Chicago.  They have had a Democrat as mayor since Anton Cermak was sworn in in 1931.  But Chicago economics were always as bad as Detroit’s.  When Rahm Emanuel took over the Mayor’s seat in 2011, the Read more […]

$444 Million Hockey Stadium To Be Built In Bankrupt Detroit

From CNN comes the news that the once-great city of Detroit, which recently filed for the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history because of President George W. Bush’s economy (he’s still president, right?), is moving forward with its plan to build a nearly half-billion-dollar hockey stadium for the city’s home team, the Red Wings. Detroit’s unemployment rate for June was 9.4 percent. The argument that managed to convince Michigan’s Republican governor, Rick Snyder, not to halt Read more […]

Social Security to Go Bankrupt in 18 Years and ObamaCare to Follow Soon After

Eighteen years may seem like a long time, but it’s not. In 1995 the follow events took place: A truck bomb devastated Oklahoma City Federal Building that killed 168 people O. J. Simpson was found innocent of killing his wife Nicole and Ronald Goldman Windows 95 was released by Microsoft The DVD, optical disc storage media format, was announced eBay was founded The Republican Congress shut down the government Last “Far Side” by cartoonist Gary Larson was published The year 2031 Read more […]