John Boehner: I “Absolutely” Trust Obama

In Speaker John Boehner’s interview with ABC News where he conceded to the host that he agrees with President Barack Obama on the issue of debt, saying that we really don’t have any immediate debt crisis, John Boehner also stated unequivocally that he trusted Barack Obama. Boehner said that he and President Obama have a great relationship and that they’re “open with each other, honest with each other,” but that they’re trying to “bridge some big differences.” The host asked him point Read more […]

Eric Holder: Obama Decides Who Deserves 2nd Amendment

Holder was in Atlanta recently, not far from where I live, giving a talk at Clark Atlanta University about civil rights, voting, and gun violence. He “spoke out” against gun violence and referred to the recent shootings that took place at nearby Atlanta schools as evidence that we need to do more to curb gun violence. Why is it always about gun violence? Why don’t they care about all forms of violence? Well, I don’t think they actually care about violence at all. They don’t talk about Read more […]