Barbara Boxer: Rand Paul Owes Obama Apology for Speaking Out On Syria

California Senator Barbara Boxer appeared on MSNBC and complained about her colleague Rand Paul. Being an Obama apologist, she feels obligated to defend her team captain from attacks. As you know, Rand Paul is a fierce critic of intervention into Syria, regardless of whether or not Assad is guilty of gassing his own people, the evidence for which I’m sure will be forthcoming from John Kerry. Paul and many others have pointed out the insanity of U.S. foreign policy, especially the part where Read more […]

Barbara Boxer: Raise Minimum Wage to $10 an Hour

Unlike the government, Senator Boxer, companies don’t have a monopoly on money printing presses. They can’t just create trillions of dollars ex nihilo. They have to live within a tight budget to keep their respective operations going, which doesn’t just involve paying their employees. How about trying to comply with a seemingly never-ending, but growing, list of regulations and taxes that are thrust upon them? Taxes and regulations on businesses are a couple reasons our economy is in such Read more […]