How Atheists Should Respond to the Trayvon Martin Shooting

Journalist Virginia Heffernan has kicked the evolution hornet’s nest by declaring that she’s a creationist (see my article). As usual, the evolutionary cockroaches have poured out from behind the walls of ignorance and pounced on her. Here’s what one nutball evolutionist wrote: “Virginia Heffernan is a science-phobic angel-believing climate change skeptic. She just said that. That is what she just said. We are not saying you’re a bad person, Virginia, but you should probably expect Read more […]

Bill Maher Attacks Rick Perry Over Prayer Comment

Bill Maher does not rate much attention. I don’t watch his show, and I rarely pay attention to his attempts at comedy. He’s not very funny. It’s no wonder that he went into the baser things of life after his flop as an actor. He appeared in the forgettable 1989 film Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death and lesser known films thereafter. His latest attack on religion (almost a weekly occurence on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher) is a slam at Texas Gov. Rick Perry for suggesting that Read more […]

Almost Every Young Person Believes Truth and Morality are Relative

We live in a world of cause and effect. People act on what they believe. Some people are more consistent than others. While there is a call for banning guns, the ban we really need is on the teaching of moral relativism and promoting it in every medium known to man, especially in our nation’s schools. We won’t hear one word about how moral relativism is corrupting the youth of America. There’s still a remnant of moral absolutism among older generations and among liberals who have created Read more […]

Did You Know Christmas is about a Homeless Couple?

Every Christmas season we hear the inevitable revisionist version of the Christmas story in order to further government programs. Jesse Jackson was the first to do it in the December 26, 1988 issue if Jet Magazine. The title of the article was “Jesse Jackson Tells the Real Meaning of Christmas.” He made the same claim in 1991.1 He repeated his “homeless couple” theme at the 1992 Democratic Convention: “We hear a lot of talk Read more […]The Atlanta Journal/Constitution (December 28, 1991), A9. [↩]