Should a Student go to Prison for a Batman Suit?

A college student made a combat ready Batman suit with Kevlar armor. People in our government think owning bulletproof armor should be a crime. A headline at caught my eye yesterday; it appealed to the nerd within me: “Student Builds Functional Batman Combat Suit.” A Philadelphia University student by the name of Jackson—wait for it—Gordon constructed his own self-designed Dark Knight armor out of Kevlar and silicone molds. But since since his net-worth falls more Read more […]

Watching the World Burn

Once again, the Batman has created a controversy. This time, however, the reality is hitting too close to home. Early this morning, at a midnight premiere of the final film in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy in Aurora, Colorado, an apparently lone gunman opened fire on the audience, killing 12 and injuring 38 others. Eyewitnesses said they were confused at first, thinking the gunshot sounds were a part of the onscreen action. Once viewers began scrambling and screaming though, it became  obvious Read more […]

Shooting at Batman Premier Blamed on Tea Party

Insanity runs in families. The media family is filled with insane people. The shooting at the The Dark Knight Rises premier has started a liberal media feeding frenzy. Piers Morgan is calling for gun control. Some are calling on Obama and Romney to pull back on campaigning. Fat Czar Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to know what Obama and Romney are going to do about the violence. Bloomberg and other liberals haven’t said much about the number of murders in Chicago — 260. You might remember that Read more […]

Bane as Bain: There’s Nothing to See Here

Let the pundit pontificating begin. The third and final film in Christopher Nolan’s superb Batman trilogy is due to be released this Friday, and already the dogs are barking about its political nature. The Dark Knight Rises features a character named Bane, who is apparently concerned by economic inequality and isn’t opposed to resorting to terrorism to make his message known. Sound familiar? Conservatives, after being tipped off by liberal bloggers about the homonym nature of Bane and Bain Read more […]