Cowardocracy Repulsed! School Backs Down After Suspending Student for BB Gun that He DID NOT Bring to School

KWWL – Eastern Iowa Breaking News, Weather, Closings I have posted several times on how America is a cowardocracy at almost every level of society and government. But I never realized how long its reach had grown. The Reason blog reports that a student was suspended who did not have a bb gun on school grounds. As you probably know, I think “gun free zones” at schools are disastrous. They are invitations to psychotic killers to feel free to commit mass murder because no one will be able Read more […]

Dad Arrested For “Illegal Possession of BB Gun”

The only thing this guy is guilty of is being naïve. He brought his kids and a toy BB gun with plastic pellets to a park in Queens. He should have known, especially since he was in Mayor Bloomberg’s territory and Andrew Cuomo’s state, that people there have been brainwashed into believing that anything that looks like a gun is evil. Not surprisingly, a couple moms there at the playground freaked out when they saw Mr. Pawlowski showing his kids how to shoot plastic pellets out of plastic toy Read more […]