More News about the Police Shooting in Walmart

Two news stories appeared almost simultaneously about the police shooting in Beavercreek, Ohio. You may remember that this involved a gentleman who was shot to death for “waving” a firearm. Once the man was killed by police, they discovered that he had an air gun that was being sold on the shelves of Walmart. The family is insisting that he was never pointing the gun at anyone. The key witness who called 911 in the first place has agreed, changing his story. The first story is from NPR: Read more […]

911 Caller Now Says Police Shooting Victim Never Aimed Toy Weapon

Less than a month ago I posted about a police shooting victim at a Walmart in Beavercreek, Ohio. Allegedly he was pointing a firearm at people, but some insisted that he was merely carrying an airgun that Walmart sells. The person who originally called 911 in Walmart and reported that a man was aiming a gun at bystanders made different statements to the Guardian. When Ronald Ritchie called 911 from the aisles of a Walmart in western Ohio last month to report that a black man was “walking Read more […]

Riots Are a Choice! Comparing St. Louis to Beavercreek, Ohio

// So here is a young African American man who was gunned down by police. Police say they acted appropriately and rationally. Others contend that it makes no sense. It looks like John Crawford scared someone because he wanted to buy an air rifle. His wife was on the phone with him when he was shot and insists the police story cannot be true. His parents want the store video of the incident to be handed over because they are certain it will vindicate their son. As WCPO reports, Crawford’s father, Read more […]