Texan Beer Rebels against the Evil Corporate-State Empire

The state is protecting big business and exploiting the little guy, but Texan beer rebels are fighting back. I suspect some of my readers might be the kind of conservatives who don’t believe in drinking alcohol. You are free to do so for the sake of sobriety, financial well-being, taste, or concern for the way your example might be used by others. While I think wine is mandatory in the Lord’s Supper, everyone is free to do what they want outside of that one event. But as a Bible-believing Read more […]

Brewers & Farmers: The FDA Wants to Confer More Power On Itself

When Americans realize that they are taxed in order to support people who bully them and interfere in their lives, they get aggravated. But the situation is much worse. We aren’t just paying people against our will to interfere in our lives. We are paying people to devise and implement new ways to bully us and attempt to run our lives and then ask for bigger budgets to use to do it. So, for example, the money siphoned from us to feed the FDA’s bloated budget did not simply support the Read more […]

Doomsday a Good Day for Beer

I am a fan of good beer. Right now, I have a special beer in my fridge that’s part of Stone Brewery’s Vertical Epic series. It was brewed on 11/11/11 and is not supposed to be drunk until 12/12/12. But there’s a problem. The Mayan Calendar says the world will end that day. (Or was it the 21st?) Let me tell you why I’m not worried. First off, why do people want to use the Mayan Calendar to predict the end of the world even though we don’t use the Mayan Calendar for anything else? Is the Read more […]