Alleged Belgium Security Orgy Tells Us Something about Security

According to the New York Times, “Brussels Police Investigate Reports of Police Orgy Amid Terror Alert.” In the six weeks since the Paris terrorist attacks, law enforcement agencies in Brussels, where most of the attackers lived or had ties, have been denounced as slow, unresponsive, disorganized and even incompetent. To this list of woes, another was added on Wednesday: Officials are investigating accounts of an alcohol-fueled “orgy” at a police station one night last month while Brussels, Read more […]

New Official Cure for Depression: Suicide

Belgium has granted euthanasia for a twenty-four-year-old woman who suffers from depression. If the police find a man about to jump off a bridge from a height that will probably end his life, what should they do? Should they try to talk him out of it? Should they tell him to do whatever he wants because it is no one’s business but his own if he wants to end his life? Or should they encourage him to jump? Making suicide illegal does not stop able-bodied persons from actually ending their lives Read more […]

European Euthanizers Hold Conference… at Auschwitz

They claim that they only chose Auschwitz as a reminder of everything they oppose—that it “is the antithesis of everything that they hope to achieve, and they are seeking to reflect there upon what it means to kill out of humility and love.” So that’s why a group of European suicide assistors are gathering at the Nazi death camp. The problem with the camp was not systematic murder; it was that people were not allowed to decide when to murder themselves. That is what we are being asked Read more […]

Latest Compassion Upgrade: Euthanasia for Prisoners

Euthanasia for prisoners is a horrible idea no matter how appealing it seems. Governments first take away justice by ending the death penalty, and then reintroduce a way to kill prisoners based on “compassion” or “mercy.” It is a terrible exchange. The pioneer case comes to us from Belgium (which should surprise no one). It is easy to applaud the man’s death. He is a murderer and a multiple rapist. He should have been executed and not wasted a dime more of taxpayer money. But just Read more […]

This is Your Society on Euthanasia. Get the Picture?

From the euthanasia utopia of Belgium we find a woman complaining that her mother was killed by a doctor. The “reason” for this killing was that her mother came to the doctor complaining of depression. According to the doctor, that complaint constituted a diagnosis and rationalization for snuffing her out. According to Lifesite news, the daughter, “Margot,” asked, “how could someone who has not even received treatment for depression, get euthanasia?” If she is right, the doctor considered Read more […]

More Mysterious Bailout for the Fed from Belgium

The economic elites will do anything to keep their biggest slaves (that would be the United States), and their biggest Pimp (that would be the Federal Reserve) in the financial game long enough to cement global control. If you’re not into global macroeconomics… you may skip by this one, but… wouldn’t you really like to know whom you serve? The borrower is slave to the lender… and we’re the greatest slave nation in history, given our debt. From ZeroHedge: When we reported last month that Read more […]

Did The E.U. Get Bribed To Bail Out The U.S.?

I sincerely think our collective jaws would drop through the floor if the criminality existing at the highest levels of finance and politics was exposed. Hundreds of trillions of dollars are in play, and (connecting it with the story below) if you think the lives of a few hundred financial employees are worth more to the guys at the top than that amount of money and power… well… Zero Hedge again: “China Sold Second-Largest Amount Ever Of US Treasurys In December: And Guess Who Comes To Read more […]

Even Belgium Knows Enough To Expel Immigrants Who Don’t Support Themselves

I never thought I would wish the United States was more like a European nation—specifically an EU member nation. Usually it is liberals who criticize the U.S. for falling short of enlightened European standards. I can only hope that they look at the example set by Belgium. Thanks to the Global Economic Trend Analysis blog for finding this story through Google Translate: The Aliens Office of Belgium withdrew permission of residence to 323 Spaniards in 2013 because they  no longer meet the requirements, Read more […]

Death Panels In Belgium Soon To Be Rated G

Actually, they already are. But the New York Times story leaves that out of the picture. Before becoming law, the changes must be voted on by the Parliament’s lower house, which is expected to take up the matter before elections in May. The measure seems likely to pass, and would put Belgium in a separate category from almost any other nation when it comes to allowing the terminally ill to choose to die. The idea of euthanasia for children has been taboo in most countries, not only for religious Read more […]

Is This Where the ‘Gay’ Rights Movement Will Take Us?

Ideas have consequences. Choices have consequences. Laws have consequences. Changes in moral certainties have consequences. The hit AMC series Breaking Bad made that abundantly clear and obvious. We’ve seen how the so-called ‘gay’ rights movement has resulted in certain types of sexual acts becoming protected by law. But most Americans mostly likely tolerated same-sex sex because they believed that what other people did had no immediate effect on them. A number of cases have shown that Read more […]

Socialists Pushing Accelerated Death and Euthanasia

Remember four years ago when newly elected President Barack Obama told us to look at the European countries who had socialized medicine as examples of what America should have?  He mentioned England and Canada and then referred to other countries as models for us to follow. Virtually every one of those model countries are facing financial shortfalls in their national health programs.  Great Britain is cutting covered services and treatments to help offset the rising costs. Now, socialists Read more […]

Rich People (Many of them Obama Supporters) Avoiding High Taxes

The Google Culture is a big supporter of the Obama Culture except when it comes to taxes. According to a report, “Google Inc. (GOOG) avoided about $2 billion in worldwide income taxes in 2011 by shifting $9.8 billion in revenues into a Bermuda shell company, almost double the total from three years before, filings show.” Google isn’t the only left-leaning American company working hard to avoid taxes. “At a hearing last month in the U.K., members of Parliament pressed executives from Google, Read more […]