Republicans Don’t Play Identity Politics

Conservatives have many reasons to be disappointed with the GOP. But here is something they’re mostly getting right. In the Washington Post we read, “The GOP’s identity-politics crisis: Holding race-card aces but loath to play them.” Juan Rodriguez, a Colombian immigrant and Republican businessman in Des Moines, is on a mission to persuade his employees, nearly all Hispanic Democrats, to elect a president from what they think of as the party of white guys. This year, with three minorities among Read more […]

Republican Candidates Poll Better than Hillary

The Fox headline, in my opinion, is rather biased: “FOX News Poll: Rubio does best against Clinton in 2016 ballot test.” Republicans want a candidate who can beat Hillary Clinton. A new Fox News poll finds Marco Rubio performs best against the presumptive Democratic nominee. Rubio has an eight-point edge: 50 percent to Clinton’s 42 percent. This isn’t inaccurate, but I think the more amazing story is that Hillary doesn’t poll better than any top Republican candidate! Then again, Clinton — Read more […]

Politico’s Wild Hit Piece on Ben Carson

A false headline on Ben Carson has now been quietly toned down after doing as much damage as possible. In case you were wondering, the media is not giving up on its smear campaign against Ben Carson. Yesterday’s outrage against truth came from Kyle Cheney at Politico with the headline, “Ben Carson admits fabricating West Point scholarship.” It has since been toned down without notice or apology. Mollie Hemingway responded at The Federalist with the headline, “Politico Admits Fabricating Read more […]

Carson Surges; Media Get Their Racism On

As Ben Carson’s presidential candidacy seems to be soaring, the left-wing media are in a lather to destroy him. A new Quinnipiac poll shows Carson crushing Hillary Clinton by 10 points in a theoretical matchup. Therefore, the media have decided he must be stopped. This is what the media do to black Americans who stray from the liberal farm. It’s the same sort of attempted lynching given to Clarence Thomas all those years ago. To be sure, the lynching of Ben Carson hasn’t gotten into full Read more […]

Ben Carson Ranks Educational Choices–Homeschooling is Number One

In an interview at the Conservative Political Action Conference that was broadcast on C-span, Presidential hopeful Ben Carson answered a question about Common Core educational standards in a surprising way.   Carson said, “The best education is the education you get that is closest to home.”   His point was that what students learn at home is the key to them learning well in any program, and he ranked education choices with homeschooling as number one.  He ranked private schools as number two, Read more […]

Ben Carson, a Balanced Budget, and a Confused Media

Presidential candidate Ben Carson recently told Kai Rissdal of NPR’s Marketplace that he would aggressively balance the US budget. When asked about the budget, Carson said, First of all, recognize that it’s not that difficult. If we simply refuse to extend the budget by one penny for three to four years, you got a balanced budget. Just like that. So this is not pie in the sky, very difficult thing to accomplish. Having said that, one of the bugaboos that has kept us from reducing government in Read more […]

Liberals Lynch Ben Carson in Media

A century and a half after slavery and the Democrats are still trying to keep black people down on the plantation. If Clarence Thomas’ experience in getting Senate approval to be a Supreme Court justice didn’t make it clear, Dr. Ben Carson’s experience in running for president does: If you’re black and you don’t toe the Democrat Party line, then you’re going to be lynched in public. So far, the Left hasn’t been able to pin any real scandals on Carson, so some of them are just setting their Read more […]

Yes Ben Carson, Islamic Leadership is Not American.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) announced Sunday that it will call on Dr. Ben Carson to withdraw from the presidential race over his comments that he “would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation” and that Islam is inconsistent with the Constitution. For years the Ten Commandments were the moral and civil guidelines of our country and played a prominent role in our American society.  These commandments, found in Exodus 20 of the Bible, can still Read more […]

Muslims and Liberals Live Down to Worst Stereotypes for Ben Carson

What do some Muslims and Liberals have in common? No taste for delicious irony, perhaps. As we follow the meltdown over Ben Carson’s comment about voting for a Muslim candidate for President, both Muslims and Liberals give us some amazing statements. This headline, for example, was posted without any hint that the irony was noticed: “Muslims Demand That Ben Carson Quit the Race.” Looking at the URL and how the story showed up in my Facebook feed, it looks like the original headline was stronger: Read more […]

Democrats Show Schizophrenia on ‘Muslim Question’

So let me get this straight. Last week, thinking that somebody could be Muslim was such an insult that Donald Trump was called upon by liberals to apologize for a statement made by a questioner in the audience of one of his campaign appearances about President Obama. This week, Muslims are so innocuous and unquestionably all-American that Dr. Ben Carson is being called upon to apologize for saying he would not support a Muslim for president because Shariah law is incompatible with the Constitution. Have Read more […]

The Hysteria against Carson for His No Muslim President Comment is Hypocritical Wind

Not wanting a Muslim president of the United States is no different from many who don’t want a member of the Christian Right as president. The idea that Ben Carson’s opinion is somehow un-American or even “anti-Muslim” is just stupid. Liberals trot out the same opinions about Christians in power all the time. According to The Hill, Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson is standing by his view that a Muslim should not be president of the United States, telling The Hill in an interview Read more […]

Do Republican Voters Want More War?

The Media’s favorite candidates who want more war are not doing well in the polls, but outsiders who are far less militaristic are leading. Justin Raimondo has written in defense of the American Right, but the editor of is not really a conservative politically or ethically. Still, his analysis of the Republican debate on CNN presents interesting evidence of what the voters care about. He writes, Both Trump and Carson – the two frontrunners, mind you – are straying from neoconservative Read more […]