Does the U.S. Have Sovereignty over Southwest Border Regions

A story on Ben Carson reports claims that the southwest border areas are effectively without government as cartels roam free. When you first hear about the ISIS territory inside of Iraq and Syria, it seems completely foreign to anything Americans have known. How could criminals ever set up their own “state” within the borders of sovereign countries? But this story at makes me wonder: “Exclusive — AZ Sheriff Takes Dr. Ben Carson on Helicopter Tour of Cartel Read more […]

Bush Donors Have Not Yet Given Up on Him

Bush donors are realizing that the race is not going as they had hoped, but they can’t really believe that they were so wrong. Here is a headline from The Hill that exudes confidence: “Bush donors not panicking — yet.” The former Florida governor had been labeled the GOP’s front-runner, but polls show he’s trailing Donald Trump by a wide margin. Even some supporters say he turned in a shaky performance at the first Republican debate earlier this month. The son of one former president Read more […]

Once Again ‘Trump Is Finished’ Means Trump Is Winning

Trump is winning despite doing and saying things that everyone claims should knock him out of the race. I am not a Trump fan, but his ascendency is directly the fault of the Republican establishment. They created this opportunity for him and it is somewhat pleasant to watch them predicting his downfall while he demonstrates theirs. Thus, the New York Daily News reported yesterday, “Donald Trump knocks Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker out of first place among Iowa Republicans: poll.” It reports Read more […]

The Republican Problem Goes Beyond Trump

Trump grabs most of the attention right now, but the Republican problem shows up in the popularity of other candidates as well. Mark Horne argued passionately that, rather than “damaging” the Republican Party, Trump is simply the damage that was caused by others. If he’s right, it is worth pointing out that Trump is not the only damage we are seeing. The Republican problem is demonstrated in other candidates. This was pointed out in an article in The Hill: “Outsiders take over the Read more […]

Is Dr. Carson Making Believe?

Since I released my column last week titled “Just What are Gay Rights?”  I have received a lot of feedback.  Especially since a day later Dr. Ben Carson made a clarification of his Gay Rights statements.  The good doctor said on Facebook, “While I remain opposed to same-sex marriage, I have and will continue to support recognition of same-sex civil unions. I have and will continue full recognition of same-sex marriage in State jurisdictions where the matter has been approved by a vote Read more […]

So Just What Are Gay Rights?

A Thesis: Gay rights do not exist Recently I had the opportunity to speak at a conference with Dr. Ben Carson, a possible Presidential candidate, and I had a chance to learn more about him and his views.  Dr. Carson was the leading pediatric neurosurgeon in the world – he was not just able to perform brain surgery but was gifted with the skills that earned him international acclaim. He is a powerful and knowledgeable speaker who clearly articulates a strong pro-marriage and sexual ethics Read more […]

Ben Carson: Threat to Establishment GOP?

Ben Carson has upset hopes of unity according to New York Times propaganda. They undoubtedly must put hallucinogens in the water of New York City. What else explains electing two of the worst totalitarian, bonehead mayors in United States history, back-to-back, and a reporter for the New York Times seriously writing about “Republican unity” and “Jeb Bush” in an article? Here is the insane headline: “G.O.P. Hopes for Unity May Be Upset by Ben Carson.” A conservative think tank recently Read more […]

Ben Carson on Foreign Policy: Not Credible

Ben Carson is a doctor. He has zero experience with foreign affairs. This does not make it wrong for him to speak on foreign affairs. It simply means he has to present clear and cogent arguments. He can’t tell us to trust his expertise. Unhappily, Carson doesn’t seem to have clear or cogent arguments. He writes in the Washington Times about “Rudderless U.S. Foreign Policy.” OK. So what does he propose? What has the Obama administration done in response to this aggression by Russia? Not Read more […]

IRS Visited Dr. Ben Carson after Critical Comments about ObamaCare

You may remember Dr. Ben Carson. Dr. Carson is a nationally recognized neurosurgeon. He spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast earlier this year where he outlined a simple way to fund healthcare without the need of a 2700-page law and tens of thousands of pages of regulations that will be implemented by faceless and nameless bureaucrats and future death panels. President Obama and Mrs. Obama were in attendance, sitting only a few feet away from Dr. Ben Carson. Here’s what he said about our current Read more […]

Critic of Paula Deen Only Supports Black Attorneys on His Website

Daryl K. Washington is an attorney located in Dallas, Texas. He has written “The Paula Deen Incident; you should know all that’s being alleged before defending her.” The article has gotten a lot of attention. I don’t know all the facts in the case, and neither does Mr. Washington. The case at this point in time is about what is “alleged.” Mr. Washington informs us that the person bringing these charges against Deen is white, and they go back to 2007. How long was this “white Read more […]

‘Hannity’ Guest Literally Intolerant Of Facts

Having successfully managed to avoid politics for the full 9-hour drive up here to Massachusetts (Injun territory, as it’s called in Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s household), within the first five minutes of stepping into my motel room I turned the TV on and found Fox News. Hannity was on. Not a big fan; his face looks like he took smugness classes from MSNBC’s token little boy, Rachel Maddow. Still, I needed the background noise and something bright and flashing to glance at now and then. Soon I Read more […]

Dr. Ben Carson 2016?

The short answer is no, or at least “not necessarily, and calm down, people.” What do we know about Dr. Ben Carson? We know that he has guts. He gave the keynote address a month ago at the National Prayer Breakfast, a 27-minute speech in which he strongly but very tactfully leveled criticism after criticism upon the Obama administration–with President Obama sitting ten feet away. The speech took aim at, among other things, Obamacare, which was notable because Carson is in fact a brain surgeon, Read more […]