The Nativity Versus Deifying Government

“I expect to see religious emblems at houses of worship, not in government buildings.” – Barry Lynn, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) This week a nativity scene on Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina became the latest casualty in the war on Christmas. The move follows a trend of systematically removing nativity displays (and other religious art) from public property.  Just ask residents in Santa Monica, Pittsburgh, Clarksville, Tennessee, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Chambersburg, Read more […]

Make the Able Bodied Work for Food Stamps

The AP reported, “The House is poised to vote on cutting $4 billion a year from food stamp assistance, now used by one in seven Americans.” To that, Nancy Pelosi said, “Maybe I’m just hoping for divine intervention, but I really do believe that there are enough Republicans that will not identify themselves with such a brutal cut in feeding the American people.” Well Nancy, I’m sure you’re right. There will most likely be plenty of squishy, scared of their own shadow Republicans to kill Read more […]

Today’s Dedication of Atheist Monument Claims We are Dust in the Wind

The American Atheists will dedicate their atheist monument today. We sent a camera crew to capture the moment. Atheists will proclaim to the world that human beings are a conglomeration of atoms with electricity animating the particles. There is nothing special about you and me. All we are is dust in the wind, and today’s courts are making it official. The American Atheists and our nation’s courts will claim they have history on their side. They will be wrong as these brief examples show: Jefferson Read more […]

Atheist Monument Finds It Hard to Find Atheists to Quote

On June 29, the American Atheists will unveil America’s first atheist monument on government property at the Bradford County Courthouse in Florida. The monument is a 1,500-pound granite bench engraved with quotations from Thomas Jefferson, Madalyn Murray O’Hair, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin. A lot of ignorant people viewing the monument will get the idea that Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin were atheists. They weren’t. O’Hair was an atheist and the founder of the American Atheists, but Read more […]

Conservatives Aren’t ‘Mindless Anti-Government Fanatics’

One of the first things you hear from liberals is that conservatives are “anti-government.” Consider these comments on possible government spending cuts from fake conservative David Brooks: “[T]he Republicans are in a position politically where they have to show the country they’re mindless anti-government fanatics, they can separate good government policies from bad government policies. This is a piece of mindless anti-government fanaticism, which doesn’t separate the good from the bad. It Read more […]

Is Obama a Visitor From a ‘Morally Superior Civilization’?

David Brooks from The New York Times envisions President Obama as someone who “sometimes . . . governs like a visitor from a morally superior civilization.” Let’s see, support for homosexual marriage, killing pre-born children (called being “pro-choice”), forcibly taking money from some people and giving it to people who did nothing to earn it, and counterfeiting money in the name of stimulating the economy, is said to be “morally superior” behavior. By what standard? By whose authority? Chicago Read more […]

Our Problem: We Have Taxation WITH Representation

Several people in comments to my article “Liberal Compares Obama’s Push for Tax Hikes to Lincoln Wanting to End Slavery,” used the phrase ‘No Taxation without Representation’ in reaction to where our nation is headed. It’s not a good response to our current situation. Right now there are more people who want higher taxes than people who don’t want higher taxes. The people who want higher taxes vote for people who will represent what they want. This means that if a certain segment Read more […]

Why Al Gore Wants to Get Rid of the Electoral College

Ben Franklin said, “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.” Thanks to government education, most people today believe that America is a “democracy.” But we’re not a democracy. We’re not “mob-ruled” as much as many would like us to be. Our country was founded to be ruled by law through representatives, which makes us a Constitutional Republic. This form of representation is not only manifested in the way our government is structured, but also in the way Read more […]