CISPA Passes with “Bi-Partisan” Support

Do you really still believe in bi-partisan politics? Do you really think there’s a significant difference between the Republicans and Democrats? If you do, you just haven’t been paying attention. The fact is that the whole Republican/Democrat dichotomy is a false bifurcation designed to make you feel like you have a choice. But you don’t. The whole thing is rotten. The “Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act,” like the “Patriot” Act, is a ruse designed to further destroy your Read more […]

Does Post Office Bankruptcy Forewarn of Healthcare Debacle?

Employing over a half million people and operating the world’s largest vehicle fleet, the United States Postal Service is the country’s third largest employer. The only other two employers that are bigger are our own grandiose Federal Government and of course Wal-Mart. While the Postal Service does get small subsidies, they are mostly funded by shipping and handling charges and stamp sales. Of course, they also sell insurance if you want to make sure that your letter or parcel is delivered to the Read more […]