I’ve Got to Admit This Bernie Sanders Ad is Brilliant!

It’s got Simon and Garfunkel, people cheering, and a child carrying a calf. Most importantly, the entire video is devoid of any intellectual content. It is thus irrefutable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nwRiuh1Cug By carefully bypassing rational thought, Bernie Sanders definitely plays to his strengths. The man who insists he is not a career politician after 25 years in Congress would be wise to avoid logic altogether. One might deduce a couple of implied arguments: 1. Bernie Sanders Read more […]

If Bernie Sanders Will Bring Gridlock Maybe He’d Be Better than Hillary Clinton

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOxc0ly-ftg Make no mistake, I think both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders would be horrible Presidents. I’m not suggesting that conservatives do anything for or against one or the other except try to make sure both are defeated. But in the video above it is interesting to see why Hillary Clinton opposes Bernie Sanders and his universal healthcare plan. Not because it is harmful, unjust, and based on delusion. No. The only problem is that it will never happen. Read more […]

Is Hillary Going to Even Win the Nomination?

First, it seems that Bernie Sanders is leading Hillary Clinton in Iowa: As I predicted people find Sanders more trustworthy. That combined with the news from New Hampshire makes me seriously wonder if Hillary has any chance of getting the nomination. According to CBS News, Bernie Sanders now leads Hillary Clinton by 14 points in New Hampshire, according to the latest Monmouth University Poll of likely New Hampshire voters who are likely to vote in the first-in-the-nation primary in February. Fifty-three Read more […]

Hillary Clinton Thinks the Gun Issue Can Give Her an Edge on Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton doesn’t seem to understand the problem she faces. The Washington Times reports, “Clinton aims to outflank Sanders on guns.” With her lead over Sen. Bernard Sanders evaporating in polls in Iowa and New Hampshire, Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is turning to the issue of guns, hoping a spate of high-profile shootings will boost her campaign and drive a wedge between Mr. Sanders and the liberal voters he champions. Appearing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Monday, Read more […]

Bernie Sanders Says His 25 Years in Congress Show He’s not a Career Politician

On ABC’s “This Week,” host Martha Raddatz interviewed Bernie Sanders. The opening exchange was breathtaking. RADDATZ: Bernie Sanders is hard at work on the campaign trail this holiday weekend. And he joins me this morning from New Hampshire. Happy new year, Senator Sanders. We noticed that today is the 25th anniversary of your first day in Congress. Twenty five years, what do you say to critics who say the country needs a president from outside Washington and not a career politician? SANDERS: Well, Read more […]

Bernie Sanders Is Posing as a Peace Candidate

Of course, it is not hard to look like a peace candidate when you’re standing next to Hillary Clinton. She was a major reason for the chaos that rules over Libya. Not only did she get the U.S. to brutally overthrow the Libyan government, but she armed Islamic terrorists to do it. This cost American lives in Benghazi. She did the same is Syria. giving birth to ISIS. So Bernie Sanders seems plausible when he contrasts himself to Clinton. The Hill reports, “Sanders: Clinton voted for war, I voted Read more […]

Bernie Sanders and the Truth about Socialism in Denmark

The Democratic Presidential Debate was the setting for an exchange between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders that made them both appear like they don’t have their facts straight.  According to The National Review, Hillary lectured Mr. Sanders that the United States is not Denmark, and Sanders went on to enthusiastically endorse Denmark as an economic model for the US. So, why was this exchange so wrong?  Apparently Mr. Sanders hasn’t kept up on what is happening in Denmark.  The once socialist Read more […]

Muslims and Liberals Live Down to Worst Stereotypes for Ben Carson

What do some Muslims and Liberals have in common? No taste for delicious irony, perhaps. As we follow the meltdown over Ben Carson’s comment about voting for a Muslim candidate for President, both Muslims and Liberals give us some amazing statements. This headline, for example, was posted without any hint that the irony was noticed: “Muslims Demand That Ben Carson Quit the Race.” Looking at the URL and how the story showed up in my Facebook feed, it looks like the original headline was stronger: Read more […]

The Hillary Purge and the Coming Biden-Warren Ticket

A Washington Times columnist not only fills out details in the Obama Administrations war on the Clinton Democrats, but also predicts a Biden-Warren ticket. In July, I followed up on a couple of posts by Mark Horne and wrote about how Valerie Jarrett may be the principal actor behind Hillary Clinton’s growing email-server legal problem. Now, Washington Times columnist Monica Crowley puts it all together in one narrative. Each week, there are damaging new leaks about her personal email and server: Read more […]

Republican Leaders Are not Leading Much with Trump Around

Donald Trump did not damage the GOP but represents the damage done by Republican leaders. Every time the first symptom of a man’s folly appears, he strongly condemns it as a miscreant who came in uninvited and as an alien to everything he stands for. In other words, stop telling me how Donald Trump is damaging the Republican Party. The fever is not the cause of the infection. At the Weekly Standard, Fred Barnes pretty much tells Republican leaders they have no one to blame but themselves: “The Read more […]

Could America Withstand Another Morally Rudderless President?

The Democratic Party these days seems to just be tossing things at the wall to see if they stick as it works out its 2016 presidential strategy. The party doesn’t seem to have a plan as its previous plan of “let Hillary crown herself queen” falls apart. Between revelations of possibly helping Vladimir Putin gain control of America’s uranium production, disclosure of her foundation’s non-disclosure of foreign donations, stories about her brittle personality, and whatever else can be dragged Read more […]

Hillary Clinton Is Not Leftist Enough for Many Dems

Bernie Sanders is now running for President to provide a Leftist alternative to Hillary Clinton. I honestly can’t make up my mind if this is: A genuine attempt to get a more extreme Leftist into the White House than Hillary Clinton. An attempt to have a viable candidate available in case Hillary Clinton’s scandals erupt and destroy her campaign. An attempt to make Hillary Clinton look mainstream by comparing her to an even more extreme leftist. Whatever his possible motives, Bernie Read more […]