Next Sexual Orientation: Polyamory

There’s no slippery slope but we are being told to legalize polyamory now. featured this article the very day the Supreme Court declared that same-sex marriage exists and that it is a fundamental right: “It’s Time to Legalize Polygamy: Why group marriage is the next horizon of social liberalism.” Obviously it was ready to go as soon as the Supreme Court released their verdict, which everyone knew it would. The writer attacks Liberals for not being willing to provide marriage Read more […]

German Bestiality Is Still Legal; Brothels Growing

With a growing “rental” industry for sex with animals, some are asking why, in Germany, bestiality is still legal. Others are defending it. When I wrote about bestiality being outlawed in Denmark, I quoted my sources that indicated Germany had also outlawed the practice, though I knew it had been legal in 2012. But, from what I see at the Daily Mail, it seems that is a mistake. German bestiality is still legal. Bestiality brothels are spreading through Germany faster than ever thanks to Read more […]

Denmark Legislature Bans Bestiality 91-75

So now oppressed zoophiliacs will have to vacation to Hungary, Finland, or Romania for their bestiality fix. Five Danish legislators abstained. I can’t imagine what they were thinking. Here’s the story at Mashable: “Denmark passes law banning bestiality.” Debate over the law centered on whether or not existing laws went far enough to protect animals. Members of libertarian party Liberal Alliance and Denmark’s Ethical Council for Animals, an independent advisory council, among other Read more […]

Same Sex “Marriage” Is Really About the Demise of Real Marriage

We’re reaching another point of impact in the ongoing train wreck that is “same sex marriage” and the courts. As the Chillicoth Gazette reports, The broadest attack yet on states’ gay marriage bans will be Wednesday in a packed courtroom in downtown Cincinnati, where lawyers challenging four states’ prohibitions will stand shoulder to shoulder in hopes of convincing a three-judge panel the bans are unconstitutional. The states — Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan and Tennessee — have so far Read more […]

Lesbian “Divorce” = A New Tactic To Get Courts To Force States To Pretend There Is Same-Sex Marriage

From NBC News: A lesbian couple was denied a divorce Wednesday in Alabama because the state doesn’t recognize their legal Iowa marriage. In a one-sentence ruling issued in Huntsville, Circuit Judge Karen Hall said Michelle Richmond and Kirsten Allysse Richmond can’t get a divorce in Alabama — even the uncontested one they were seeking — because they had no way to ask for one “pursuant to the laws of this State.” The Richmonds were legally married in Dubuque, Iowa, in 2012 but later moved to Read more […]

Sally Field Starred In Show That Used Sex With A Goat To Promote Lifestyle Tolerance

Yesterday, Dave Jolly pointed out that high school students were performing a school play about a sexual “affair” with a goat. I shared the story on my Facebook page and was informed by a friend that the disgusting drama is actually worth more consideration. The Broadway play was about homosexuality being an acceptable lifestyle choice. I dug up this review by Maggie Gallagher from 2002, but I don’t remember conservatives saying much about it. Yet Sally Field starred in the production. Consider Read more […]

Bullies at Johns Hopkins University Attack Dr. Ben Carson

You knew it had to happen. As soon as conservatives embraced Ben Carson, who is black, the Left began its relentless assault on him. The latest attack comes from The Health and Human Rights Student Group at Johns Hopkins University. They have petitioned the university to disinvite Dr. Carson from being the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Class of 2013 commencement speaker because his “expressed values are incongruous with the values of Johns Hopkins and [are] deeply offensive to a large proportion Read more […]

Yale Hosts Sex with Anything Event

On a Saturday afternoon, Campus Reform reports, Yale hosted a “sensitivity training” event “where students were asked to consider topics such as bestiality, incest, and accepting money for sex. . . . The session was hosted by ‘sexologist’ Dr. Jill McDevitt, who owns a sex store called Feminique in West Chester, Pa.” For information purposes, Yale’s original motto, written in Hebrew (אורים ותמים) and Latin (Lex et Veritas) is “Light and Truth” from God’s Word, the Bible. Bestiality Read more […]

A Politically Incorrect Guide to ‘Sexual Orientation’

It’s a mixed up muddled up shook up world … — The Kinks Through the secular-“progressive” looking-glass, the term “sexual orientation” has, in a few short years, evolved to accommodate an ever-expanding fruit basket of carnal appetites. First it was “LGB” — liberal shorthand for “lesbian, gay and bisexual.” Then they added a “T” for “transgender.” That’s cross-dressing. You know, fellas like 45-year-old Clay Francis (aka “Colleen”). Mr. Francis enjoys Read more […]