About That Last Election …

Conservatives actually thought they had won something in November as voters created a Republican landslide across most of the country. As things have turned out, all they accomplished was to send reinforcement to the White House. That’s because immediately following the election, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and the rest of the GOP leadership set out to destroy any chance of conservatives posing a threat to their own power. Boehner’s actions in getting the “Cromnibus” bill passed are well-known, Read more […]

West Virginia Legislature Schools Us On Pro-Life Betrayal

One of the problems with the way “checks and balances” really work is they allow politicians to pretend to be on one side of the issue when they actually take the opposite side. If I know my state supreme court judges are going to insist on pretending there is such a thing as “homosexual marriage” and I share that fantasy, I can claim to be against same-sex “marriage” in the confidence that the courts will bring about the outcome I want. Or, if I want to make sure I have pro-life cred Read more […]

Ron Johnson, Republican Senator Traitor On Obamacare?

Now that Obamacare is super failing, and we have a majority who want it rolled back and repealed, the pressure is on the Republicans who were playing along with the conservatives to suddenly pull back and try to save another big government usurpation of the American economy and the people. There really can be no other explanation. If people were willing to vote for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and were willing to vote in favor of the government shut down, then why would the possibly change Read more […]

Has the RNC Become a Criminal Racket? Investigate, and Fire Boehner!

Many conservatives have noticed how GOP actions seem like the opposite of what GOP voters want. Boehner’s recent move against genuinely conservative Republicans has started what will hopefully be a revolution—or perhaps, a counter-revolution. Today, the top conservative blog (for now; we’re working on overtaking them) Redstate called for stripping John Boehner of his speakership: “Fire Boehner: We Only Need 16 Votes to Depose Boehner.” “Boehner and the House GOP Steering Committee Read more […]

Illegal Amnesty Is America’s New Vietnam

Once again the cowards running our government are more concerned with winning elections than the health of our nation. Amnesty is no longer a dirty word and Latino’s are breaking out the maracas in preparation for a grand celebration. All across America free phone loving aliens are counting the days until they can legally join the entitlement culture and reap the unearned benefits of a nation in economic ruin. It doesn’t take a PhD to realize that overnight legalization of millions of Latino Read more […]