Piers Morgan: If Only America Had Lost War For Independence

I used to think that it was silly for conservatives to criticize liberals by saying they “hated America.” I didn’t actually think that liberals hated America. (I can’t wait for the flurry of comments accusing me of “hating America” and for “defending” liberals.) It’s just that we have radically different worldviews and opinions about what would make America better as a nation. Accusing someone of “hating America” is not much more than an ad hominem attack. We can do better to Read more […]

Hey Liberals, Non-Muslims Are Not the Problem

On September 13, actress Bette Midler wrote on her Twitter page, “Who are the idiots who made the video and put it on YouTube? When do we meet them? They should be charged with murder.” The video she is referring to is, as I’m sure you know, the ultra-low-budget anti-Islam film that the media and the White House are saying “caused” the rioting in Cairo, Libya, and other Muslim-dominated cities.. Here’s the way liberal logic works: Somebody offended some Muslim; those Muslims killed some Read more […]