People Want to Fix Global Warming as Long as It’s Free

There is a difference what you learn from a poll or survey and what you learn by offering something for sale. Politicians often say they will give the people what they want–as measured by a poll. But often they are only measuring what people want for free. Even if the survey contains some questions about what people would be willing to pay for something, all you get is a speculative guess. In the market, however, you learn not only what people want but how much they want it relative to all their Read more […]

Mass Shootings Call for Fire Control & Bicycle Control

Assuming Liberals stop trying to frame homeschoolers for mass shootings and go back to trying to frame the Second Amendment, here is an interesting headline from “FBI: More People Murdered with Fire Than in Mass Shootings.” According to FBI crime statistics and the bureau’s recent study on “active shooter” incidents (ACIs) in the US, far more people are murdered with fire than are killed in mass shootings. […] On September 24, the FBI released their study on ACIs showing Read more […]