Who Cares How Many People Bike to Work?

In the past, I’ve spoken out against cities targeting bikers for special punitive taxes. But that doesn’t mean I think it makes sense for politicians to try to make people use bikes more often. Consider this story from USA Today: The number of people who commute to work by bicycle increased about 60% over the past decade, while the number of people walking to their jobs remained stable, according to new data from the U.S. Census Bureau. During the years 2008-12, about 786,000 Americans commuted Read more […]

What Happens If Sin Taxes Don’t Bring In Enough Loot For Government? They Tax Healthy Living

Scott Shackford at the Reason blog notes the significance of this AP story: “As Cycling Grows, So Does The Bike Tax Temptation.” Rather than beginning with the actual story—a politician proposing to tax bicycles in Chicago—the article spends three paragraphs softening readers up: Early blasts of snow, ice and below-zero temperatures haven’t stopped a surprising number of Chicago cyclists from spinning through the slush this winter, thanks in part to a city so serious about accommodating Read more […]

Lawmaker Says That Bicyclists Contribute To Global Warming

We recently reported on states “raising money” through gas taxes in order to fund lawmakers’ pet transportation projects. One of those states mentioned was Washington. In a recently proposed transportation package, higher gas taxes were put forward as well as a bike tax on those cyclists who don’t pay their fair share for the roads on which they ride. In spite of the fact that only about 4% of the Seattle DOT’s budget comes from the gas tax and the fact that even bikers pay taxes that Read more […]