Big Brother/Big Business is Watching… Your Weight… and Your Marriage, Mental State…

I listened to this NPR story this morning, without expecting to write about it here. The headline says it all: “Targeting Overweight Workers with Wellness Programs Can Backfire.” This is mostly about the private sector. The lesson definitely has some application to what might go wrong, say, if the First Lady was to try to impose “healthy” foods on school kids against their will or if schools were to ban birthday treats in class. But for the most part it is only about large corporations and Read more […]

FDA’s Rescinded Rule Outlawing Artisanal Cheese Came From “Big Cheese Industry” Embedded in Bureaucracy

As if we needed more evidence that government has become a bludgeon in the hands of special interests. No longer does the Federal government exist to defend God-given freedoms, it is there to reward big political donors, and to be a Fascist tool in the hands of big corporations and their toadies. From CNS News: “Former Employee of ‘Big Cheese’ Wrote FDA Letter that Put NY Artisan Cheese Makers Out of Work.” has confirmed that Monica Metz, the FDA employee who wrote the letter that Read more […]

Fraud U: NPR’s Window Into How the State Supports the Tuition Bubble

Try to remember back in the ancient history of 2006 and 2007 (which shouldn’t be that hard not only because it wasn’t that long ago but because we’re about to re-live it). The housing bubble was helped along by the work of the “rubber-stamp agencies” “ratings agencies.” Organizations like Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s were treated as neutral observers rather than as private companies trying to make profits in the market. They gave the housing bubble a layer of illusion that Read more […]

GOP Corruptocrats Working To Oust Justin Amash

Justin Amash is the standard bearer for Ron Paul Republicanism in the House of Representatives. He almost got the NSA’s illegal spy program defunded. He stands against big government. He joined the effort to defund Obamacare, something we now all see was worth attempting at any cost. So naturally the deep pockets of the Republican Party are out to destroy him. Business leaders are plotting to take down Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) as part of a broader effort to punish lawmakers over the government Read more […]

Media Admits It’s Crony Capitalism And Big Business Vs Tea Party… And Sides Against Tea Party

Earlier in the month, when I wrote about the wonderful article on how Wall Street was angry at the Tea Party and was frustrated that it had no control over it, I thought it had to be an anomaly. Surely the media would try to stick with their story that the Tea Party was a creation and puppet of big business. Well, no, they are admitting openly that the Tea Party is opposed by corporations that depend on Federal ponzi  borrowing. In other words, though they never use the language Read more […]