Government Is Like Weight Watchers

The business success of Weight Watchers  lies in the fact that it doesn’t work—thus getting perpetually repeating customers. NY Magazine posted a piece by Traci Mann entitled, “Oprah’s Investment in Weight Watchers Was Smart Because the Program Doesn’t Work.” She writes in part: Winfrey’s venture is, in fact, a brilliant investment, although not necessarily for the reason she thinks. It’s brilliant not because Weight Watchers works but because it doesn’t. It’s the perfect Read more […]

Would You Prefer to be a Slave or Aborted?

Despite being a culture of death, Americans have uncompromisingly (or so we think) done away with slavery in a pursuit of liberty for all men and women. Noah Webster clarifies that this “liberty of one depends not so much on the removal of all restraint from him, as on the due restraint upon the liberty of others.” Now this restraint on the liberty of others is exemplified in chattel slavery. Webster defines a slave as, “A person who is wholly subject to the will of another; one who Read more […]

Big Government Should Protect the Unborn from Abortion

In the Democratic Presidential Debate, Hillary Clinton took a swing at Republicans for the anti-big government stance in all areas except abortion.  According to TPM Livewire, Mrs. Clinton said: “You know, Republicans and their sympathizers — they say ‘you can’t have paid leave,’ ‘you can’t provide health care.’ They don’t mind having big government interfere with a woman’s right to choose and take down Planned Parenthood,” the former Secretary of State said. “They’re Read more […]

Secret Service Shows How Big Government Degrades

The Secret Service is a legitimate agency of government. Except for anarchists, just about everyone believes that the government is supposed to protect people from harm, including the government itself. But here is the problem. What happens to a competent person who has a history of successfully fulfilling his assigned duties when he takes on many additional responsibilities that were never meant to be part of his job description? He is likely to fail at these new duties—though, perhaps, Read more […]

Centralized Power Is a Corruption Magnet

The reason we have so much corruption is that centralized power makes such corruption possible and profitable. From the Of Two Minds blog: I confess that reading Francis Fukuyama’s latest cri du coeur in Foreign Affairs,America in Decay: The Sources of Political Dysfunction made me think Mr. Fukuyama has either been reading or channeling Of Two , as his brutal assessment of America’s terminal political dysfunction reflects many of the themes I’ve been hammering on for the past Read more […]

Big Brother/Big Business is Watching… Your Weight… and Your Marriage, Mental State…

I listened to this NPR story this morning, without expecting to write about it here. The headline says it all: “Targeting Overweight Workers with Wellness Programs Can Backfire.” This is mostly about the private sector. The lesson definitely has some application to what might go wrong, say, if the First Lady was to try to impose “healthy” foods on school kids against their will or if schools were to ban birthday treats in class. But for the most part it is only about large corporations and Read more […]

FDA’s Rescinded Rule Outlawing Artisanal Cheese Came From “Big Cheese Industry” Embedded in Bureaucracy

As if we needed more evidence that government has become a bludgeon in the hands of special interests. No longer does the Federal government exist to defend God-given freedoms, it is there to reward big political donors, and to be a Fascist tool in the hands of big corporations and their toadies. From CNS News: “Former Employee of ‘Big Cheese’ Wrote FDA Letter that Put NY Artisan Cheese Makers Out of Work.” has confirmed that Monica Metz, the FDA employee who wrote the letter that Read more […]

Fraud U: NPR’s Window Into How the State Supports the Tuition Bubble

Try to remember back in the ancient history of 2006 and 2007 (which shouldn’t be that hard not only because it wasn’t that long ago but because we’re about to re-live it). The housing bubble was helped along by the work of the “rubber-stamp agencies” “ratings agencies.” Organizations like Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s were treated as neutral observers rather than as private companies trying to make profits in the market. They gave the housing bubble a layer of illusion that Read more […]

Has the Government Competence Bubble Finally Burst? Or the Government Cares Bubble?

I remember how the critics attacked George Bush and his administration after the FEMA response to Hurricane Katrina. Much of the anger was probably deserved. But how does that look now? Obamacare is not a botched response to a disaster. It is the disaster. Right now it looks like thousand of people believe they have been signed up for Medicaid that are in for a nasty surprise when they go to the doctor. Millions are losing their insurance. Many millions more, the employees of small businesses, Read more […]

Media: Be Just Like Christie, Win Votes By Extolling Government Competence

Under the headline, “DEAR REPUBLICANS: Here’s How To Not Be Hated By Minority Voters,” we find a story about how Christie has won Hispanic voters. It includes this: Bert Aguilera (“like Christina,” he said), a Democratic-leaning independent originally from the Philippines, cited a favorable tax-sharing arrangement that has helped his home city of Seacaucus and Christie’s record of bipartisan compromise. The compromise factor is key. Republican messages often appeal to a resentment of government Read more […]

2009: Obama Preaches Government “That Works”; How’s That Working For You?

Once upon a time, Barack Obama gave his first inauguration address. Back then I remember a friend (or two) who didn’t want to think of himself as a state-worshiping, irrational adorer of Big Government with a hunger to be rescued from the cruelty of reality, but rather as a reasonable guy who didn’t give in to “extremism.” So he really loved this part of Obama’s teleprompter script: Now, there are some who question the scale of our ambitions, who suggest that our system cannot tolerate Read more […]

What is the Civil Government’s Job? Justice!

I hear a lot about small government and big government, liberal government and conservative government, government by the people—whether we the people or me the people. You name it. I hear a lot about what the civil government is doing that it shouldn’t be doing. I hear very little about what it is supposed to be doing. What is the civil government’s job? Spoiler alert: it has something to do with justice.1 Let’s begin by Read more […]No, not the french electronica band. Although they are good. [↩]