David Axelrod: Don’t Blame Obama; Government Is Just Too Big

David Axelrod is a former senior adviser to the Obama administration and former top aide to Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign. Now, he’s a political consultant who appears on NBC and MSNBC. I’m not sure if this is a step up or a step down. Maybe it’s about the same. He was responding to a question from Joe Scarborough about the IRS scandal. He said that you can’t really blame Obama, because you can’t expect him to know about everything that goes on beneath him. The government’s just Read more […]

The Church of the Dark Shadows

Continued from “The Bible or the Bayonet” It is one thing to say that America is in the state that it’s in because the church hasn’t been doing its job, but it’s completely another to propose a solution to begin turning the tide back again. Not only is the American church asleep at its post, it is completely oblivious and apathetic in the few short hours that it is awake on Sunday mornings. And, as Mark Steyn points out, this is exactly what must happen for tyrants to flourish: “Big government Read more […]

The Real Conservative Party?

Right on cue, Thomas Friedman, over at the New York Times, has written his most recent column on the need for a “real conservative party.” This idea sounds pretty good until you begin to understand what Friedman, centrist that he is, is actually talking about. To him, a real conservative is one who is not necessarily opposed to big government so long as it is serving what he calls “the four great issues of our day”: 1) budget and debt, 2) globalization and education, 3) energy and climate, Read more […]