Hillary Clinton and Keystone: Greens Cheer as She Protects U.S. Oil?

The story on Hillary Clinton and Keystone Pipeline shows the Left’s dominance of the Democrat Party and the cluelessness of the media. Politico reports on Hillary Clinton and Keystone Pipeline politics: “Hillary’s Keystone pivot draws greens’ cheers.” Hillary Clinton’s left turn on the Keystone XL oil pipeline won her heaps of praise Tuesday from the same climate activists who had spent five years denouncing her silence on the most divisive environmental controversy of Barack Obama’s presidency. But Read more […]

How “Green” Corporate Welfare Advocates Justify Themselves: Blame “Big Oil”

Yesterday, the American Coalition for Ethanol, announced their sixth annual “fly in” to Washington, DC—otherwise known as “the Biofuels Beltway March.” Their announcement appeared on the website for Ethanol Producer Magazine: Ethanol advocates and supporters will meet with key administration officials and members of Congress on March 25-26 this year. “The most effective lobbyists aren’t lobbyists at all, but rather farmers, ethanol producers, main street business leaders, retailers Read more […]

Is Big Oil A Rigged Cartel? Lawsuit Alleges Price Fixing

Oil is a highly regulated industry in most places in the world. Environmental laws have the potential to be used to keep out new entries into the industry and thus allow the established oil companies to cartelize and restrict production for the sake of higher prices. This has happened in the past. For example: The majors [major oil companies] now began to promote policies under the cloak of “conservation” that would limit “wasteful” production: it was already clear that pumping oil too rapidly from Read more […]

Tesla: A Short History of Bad Raps

Occasionally I come across a story that resonates with me for reasons I don’t fully understand. The story of Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison is just such a story. You may not know who Tesla is. But every electrical device in your entire home depends on his contributions to science. He is the father of alternating current (AC). His battle with Thomas Edison over AC/DC is legendary. Edison waged one of the most effective public relations campaigns in scientific history and succeeded in publicly defaming Read more […]