If Bernie Sanders Will Bring Gridlock Maybe He’d Be Better than Hillary Clinton

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOxc0ly-ftg Make no mistake, I think both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders would be horrible Presidents. I’m not suggesting that conservatives do anything for or against one or the other except try to make sure both are defeated. But in the video above it is interesting to see why Hillary Clinton opposes Bernie Sanders and his universal healthcare plan. Not because it is harmful, unjust, and based on delusion. No. The only problem is that it will never happen. Read more […]

Donald Trump Demands Apology from Hillary Clinton

According to The Wall Street Journal, The crossfire between the two leading presidential candidates intensified Monday, as Democrat Hillary Clinton’s campaign stood by her claim that Republican front-runner Donald Trump’s rhetoric is being used as propaganda by terrorist groups, though there is no evidence Islamic State has put him in videos. Mrs. Clinton said in Saturday’s Democratic debate that Mr. Trump “is becoming ISIS’s best recruiter,” and that he was being used in videos. Mr. Read more […]

Bill Clinton Asked about Speaking for Money in North Korea But State Department Wouldn’t Let Him

Recently released emails show Bill Clinton contemplated taking advantage of lucrative speaking jobs in two of the most corrupt regimes on the planet. Is there anything Bill Clinton won’t do for money? ABC News reports, “Bill Clinton Sought State Department OK For Paid Speeches Related to North Korea, Congo, New E-mails Show.” ABC News has obtained State Department e-mails that shed light on Bill Clinton’s lucrative speaking engagements and show he and the Clinton Foundation tried to Read more […]

Did Governments Donate to the Clinton Foundation out of Altruism?

When governments donate to a “philanthropic organization,” we can bet they expect something in return. The Clinton corruption machine is becoming too obvious for anyone to ignore. Now, in the case of Islamic states we find governments donate to the Clinton Foundation and, by sheer coincidence, get favors from the State Department. No less a Left-wing source than Slate.com reports, “Repressive Regimes Donated to Clinton Foundation, Got Federal Approval for Arms Deals.” Repressive regimes Read more […]

The Egomaniacal Ruling Class Must Have Orgies!

Dominique Strauss-Kahn boasts of his sex parties, showing we have an egomaniacal ruling class. No sooner do I post about how the Clinton campaign might expose the pervertocracy we live under, than I find a Telegraph story about Strauss-Kahn’s testimony in his trial for pimping: “The rise and rise of the upmarket orgy.” Before his arrest in 2011 for sexually assaulting a hotel maid in New York, many considered Dominique Strauss-Kahn to be living the dream. The thrice-married head of Read more […]

Will the Clinton Campaign Expose the Pervertocracy?

New accusations make it possible that the Clinton campaign will reveal the dark deeds of our rulers and their wealthy friends. It is almost impossible to know exactly what kind of perverse victimization goes on among the rich and powerful. One wants to be watchful about human nature but also careful about rumors and tall tales. But this headline in the New York Post threatens far more than the Clinton campaign for the Presidency in 2016: “Bill’s libido threatens to derail Hillary — again.” She Read more […]

Bill Clinton Named in Pedophile Lawsuit

Bill Clinton has a relationship that truly tarnishes his reputation! Over and over—especially with daily headlines about the egregious sins of our leaders in business and politics, and the visible Church, being exposed—I am hearing prophetic de-creation language reverberating in my head… the sun and moon are being darkened, the stars are falling from the sky… I have this strong sense that our culture is about to experience ‘lights out.’ God have mercy. Here is an example in the Read more […]

Is the Cosby Rape Allegation about Truth?

The Cosby rape story raises the questions about why other accusations are never treated seriously.   Talk about inconvenient truths! Courtesy of the Blaze: “Bill Clinton Is an Alleged Rapist, Too. Why Aren’t You Outraged About That?” Let me be the first to admit that, unlike so many people in the media and on the internet, I actually don’t know if Bill Cosby is a rapist. I know several women have accused him of it, and I know that he isn’t doing any favors for himself Read more […]

Rand Paul is Right: Hillary Should Lose in 2016

Hillary should lose because she can’t seem to make a Democrat win. Bill and Hillary Clinton campaigned hard for Democrats in Arkansas, Kentucky, and even Iowa. And their candidates did not win. According to the Hill, Rand Paul pointed out what this means for 2016. “I think we’re going to pick up enough [seats] to take over the Senate, and I think it is a repudiation basically of the president’s policies, but also Hillary Clinton,” Paul said on Fox News Tuesday night. “Hillary Read more […]

Bill Clinton Has Become the Reagan of the Democrats

Democrats are longing to re-create the days of Bill Clinton in office. It isn’t hard to see why Republicans want another Ronald Reagan. Even if some may have decided that his policies didn’t always match the hopes he raised, at least he raised hopes by articulating a genuinely conservative vision of life under the rule of law, with a free market and a limited role for government. Reagan represents the “gold standard” for American conservatism for many Republicans for that reason. Of Read more […]

Justice from a Corrupt Central Government? Ask Hillary.

I’ve posted how a medical threat like Ebola isn’t necessarily going to be solved by a central medical authority. The CDC has already shown how it could be made worse. But the central government always pretends it has all the answers. It especially pretends that it alone can give us real justice—all “lower” institutions should simply submit to its will. Thus, we have the situation where the Feds are forcing lower standards of justice on colleges and universities. But exactly what Read more […]

While Conservatives Feel Beaten Up, They See George W. Bush and Bill Clinton Palling Around

If you want to see the problem with the Republican Party notice the relationship between George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. Consider how their leadership acts while conservatives feel beaten up by the current Democrat regime. Here’s lighthearted piece from Associated Press posted at Fox News: Political opposites turned friends, former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush launched a new scholars program at four presidential centers with an opening act that might have been mistaken for Read more […]