New York Post Whines for More Arrests

Newspaper panicked that cops won’t make more arrests over “minor crimes.” In the first place, let’s be clear about the New York Post’s narrative. They are claiming that current police behavior is driven by fear of being shot. Their headline cries: “Arrests plummet 66% with NYPD in virtual work stoppage.” And the reason for this horrible decline in productivity? It’s not a slowdown — it’s a virtual work stoppage. NYPD traffic tickets and summonses for minor offenses Read more […]

De Blasio Can’t Control His Police State

The lesson here is that, when you run a police state, it runs you. Cops who live in New York City vote, but there are lots of other voters as well. Bill de Blasio, who is as vile and disgusting a politician as we have in this country, naturally needed voter support to win. So, like any politician who wants to win an election, he put together a coalition that he hoped would win him the prize of running the organized crime syndicate that is the New York City government. (Note: I’m not denying Read more […]

Shooters are Guilty for Shooting, not Protesters

When people commit homicides, the shooters are guilty and not anyone else. The police should stop blaming protesters. [Editor’s Note: This post applies to attempts to shut down criticism of police by blaming critics for the deaths of innocents (as following the links will confirm). It does NOT apply homicidal morons chanting for the death of police. In my opinion, those people are guilty whether or not anyone acts on what they say.] So, as you probably know, there have been some deaths Read more […]

De Blasio Advisor Dating a Convicted Killer

A “top” Bill de Blasio advisor is living with a man who was convicted of homicide, has a record for cocaine trafficking, and was charged with disorderly conduct for trying to run over a police officer—whom, the evidence shows, he likes to call “pigs.” Why does this make perfect sense? Here are the facts reported by the New York Post: “Top adviser to de Blasio dates a cop-bashing killer.” A top adviser to Mayor Bill de Blasio is in a live-in relationship with a convicted killer Read more […]

The De Blasio NYPD Rip Insulin Away from Innocent Diabetic Teen

Stories about the de Blasio NYPD keep coming in. In this case, they did so many things; it is hard to know what to put in the headline. It started at a Foot Locker store in Bushwick, NY. Fifteen-year-old Isaiah Martinez was shot in the foot. Supposedly, he tried to cut in line to buy some special shoe. He offended the wrong person—a man or youth named “Ritchie,” he told police. So how did the police find “Ritchie”? The brilliant investigators of the NYPD went into Martinez’s Read more […]

New York City Revenue Trap Accidently Snares Someone Who Matters

We’ve already mentioned that de Blasio’s stringent safety regulations are not exactly evenly applied. The mayor’s own security detail is known for disregarding the laws that other New Yorkers must submit to or else lose a hefty amount of money. But the problem with automation is that sometimes the rules get applied equitably on the great and the poor alike. De Blasio has been a strong advocate of traffic cameras, but now he has to face strong opposition in one case. Via New York City’s Read more […]

De Blasio’s Secret Government in New York City

Back in March we told you that the Associated Press was reporting on how the Obama Administration is constantly denying Freedom of Information requests. The White House’s record-breaking secrecy isn’t unique among monstrously liberal regimes. Now the AP is reporting that we are seeing new levels of secrecy from the New York City mayor’s office. From the first moments of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration, when he initially declared his midnight swearing-in off limits to the Read more […]

Bill de Blasio’s Driving: Our Elites Expect Us To Cower & Comply While They Do As They Please

Bob Allen’s post on the dangers jaywalking in Austin, TX reminded me of this post I wrote about the danger of jaywalking in Bill de Blasio’s New York City. I sent it to Bob and he promptly showed me this story: “CBS 2 Exclusive: De Blasio’s Caravan Caught Speeding, Violating Traffic Laws.” As CBS 2′s Marcia Kramer reported Thursday, the mayor’s two-car caravan was seen speeding, blowing through stop signs, and violating other traffic laws. Kramer reported that if the driver of Read more […]

Fun To Watch: Al Roker Takes Down Bill De Blasio’s Attempt To Shift Blame

The spanking that Al Roker gave Bill De Blasio is more than just funny; it illustrates an ongoing problem in politics. The people who win and hold office are super competent at recruiting financial backers (by promising to use their influence for them) and then winning popularity contests. These strengths don’t require real competence, just a reputation for it. Naturally, some of these people have become successful by getting into the habit of shifting blame. But that does not always work. So Read more […]

Penalty For Jaywalking: Cops Make You Bleed

It may shock you to know that in New York City, amongst the millions of teeming people—some of whom drive and some of whom walk—there are fatal vehicle accidents. In most cases, just to shock you again, the person walking is the one who dies. So, according to the New York ruling class, as represented by their current puppet, Bill de Blasio (whoever proves he can scam the most people is obviously qualified to be a PR front for the ruling class), these deaths aren’t accidents of city life: they Read more […]

Cameras Save Lives… Maybe; But They Definitely Make Money And De Blasio Wants More Of Them

Mayor Bill de Blasio is so upset about pedestrian deaths in the streets of New York City that he has come up with a plan to prevent them. This plan will also put millions of dollars into the city coffers, but that is not his motive. In fact, he is so unconcerned about the money that his new program will bring in that he didn’t even mention it. His plan is also, as far as I can tell, unproven to actually save lives, but he is confident that it will work. Scientific confirmation is unnecessary. A Read more […]

Madness Housing Is Also Birth-Control Housing: Liberals In Power Love Micro-Apartments

Rush Limbaugh yesterday made some excellent comments spring-boarding off this article in the New York Daily news: “Micro-apartments planned in NYC can lead to major psychological problems: report.” Micro-apartments could lead to major psychological problems, a report shows. The city plans to build a residential tower of apartments between 250 and 370 square feet at 225 E. 27th St. in Manhattan. But health experts say that placing people in their 30s and 40s living in such cramped spaces can Read more […]