Gun Control For You But Not Them: Bloomberg Gets Taxpayer-Financed Armed Guards

Personally, I think Bill de Blasio should remove all permissions to carry firearms for anyone connected with Mr. Bloomberg—let him taste the same tyranny he’s imposed on virtually everyone else. From the Daily Caller: When New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg leaves office today he will enter civilian life protected by firearms. The same man who has spent much of his career and personal fortune trying to render good, law-abiding men and women defenseless, will now surround himself with a Read more […]

Dan Savage Is All Talk, But de Blasio Is Ready To Act To Multiply Dead Babies

The vile Dan Savage made headlines for admitting that “sometimes” he wants to make abortion mandatory for thirty years. The homicidal moron provoked outrage. That’s understandable but there at least Dan is just talk. The new mayor of New York City has considered the fact that forty-one percent of all conceptions end in an abortion and has decided that those numbers are far too low. More New York women would be killing their babies if it weren’t for those evil crisis pregnancy centers—that Read more […]

“Income Inequality” Will Be The Gift That Keeps On Giving To Politicians, As Long As They Keep The Tea Party Down

A headline from NPR about the New York City Mayoral race, was refreshing because it actually expressed doubts about government superiority, “NYC Race Focuses On Income Gap, But How Much Can A Mayor Do?” Voters in New York City go to the polls Tuesday to choose their next mayor, and it appears all but certain that they’ll elect Bill de Blasio, the city’s public advocate. The Democrat has built a wide lead in the polls by distancing himself from the incumbent mayor, billionaire Michael Bloomberg. Read more […]

Apparently, Dante de Blasio’s Afro Qualifies His Father For Mayor Of NYC

Now that New York City mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio has become the Democratic nominee for that position, pounding Weiner limp at the ballot box (with Weiner erecting one final digit for the cameras as he stormed away in a huffy afterglow), the press knows who it is they are now supposed to praise and protect. There are plenty of editorials telling New Yorkers to elect de Blasio over his Republican opponent, Joe Lhota, because of specific policies, and while those policies, to a conservative, Read more […]