Tennessee Republican Politicians Force Higher Milk Prices

Because Tennessee Republican politicians are a bunch of socialists and corruptocrats. If you want to know why the response to Obamacare by Republicans has been so weak, the answer is easy to find. Republican politicians agree with Obama’s overall economic and political philosophy and they disagree with the economic and political philosophy that is prominent among Republican voters. They don’t believe in freedom; they don’t understand freedom beyond a jingle that they use to win votes, Read more […]

Slimy Obamacare Campaigning Defeated in Tennessee

After a horrible time of Obamacare campaigning the Tennessee State Senate did the right thing. One of the most disconcerting things about contemporary politics is that so many make no attempt to promote things accurately. The only thing that matters is winning your battle, and whatever blatant lies have to be told to reach that goal are more than acceptable, apparently. This campaign for Haslamcare (an expansion of Obamacare in TN) was supported by some of the most deceptive, untruthful, Read more […]

Barack Obama Secretly Dumping Illegal Immigrants on States

What could secretly dumping illegal immigrants lead to? Imagine the first day of school in communities around the nation, as thousands and thousands of students show up, unexpected—many requiring specialized instruction since they don’t speak English. Does your local district have extra money in the budget to pay for that? (Don’t answer that, it was rhetorical—I doubt there’s a single district anywhere in the nation that has money sitting around for this need, or anything else.) Are you Read more […]