When Liberals Attack Liberals

Bill Maher, the ultra-left comedian and talk show host, has made a living by tearing apart conservatives. Once in a while, he’ll go after a liberal, but for the most part he’s an anti-Rush Limbaugh. But even those credentials aren’t socialist enough to get him a warm welcome at UC Berkeley, one of the super-giant planets that orbits the black hole of liberalism. Odd as it may seem, Maher’s planned graduation speech is being protested for his “racist and bigoted” views on Islam. Translation Read more […]

Bill Maher: Conservatives Don’t Like Obama On Syria Because He’s Black

It was just a matter of time before someone played the race card regarding U.S. intervention in Syria, and specifically Obama’s decision to go to Congress to seek authorization. It seems the executive branch has already decided to attack Syria, and they don’t really feel obligated to seek Congress’s approval or disapproval. Obama wants a pat on the back for going to Congress, but it’s not going to earn him any points, because he’s dead set on starting another war, regardless of what the Read more […]

Just Say It: Bombers Driven by MUSLIM Faith

The media are reluctant to describe the Boston bombers as radical Muslims motivated by their Muslim faith. Now if the bombers had been Christians or unofficial members of the Tea Party, then the group identification would be all over the news. Every leftist blogger, Democrat politician, and the President himself would be calling down wrath from heaven on the identified groups. It happened with Timothy McVeigh, and they tried to do it with the Aurora movie theater shooter and the wide-eyed fanatic Read more […]

Left Trashes Our Culture With Trash Talk

I spend a good deal of time at one of our local college campuses. At least I think it’s a college campus. I see people with books and backpacks. Some of them seem to be studying. The reason I’m confused is because whenever I walk across campus, it sounds more like a sailor’s convention than a college. College is supposed to elevate your mind, expose you to lofty ideas and expand your thinking, not act as a state-funded locker room where you swap curse-laden stories about loose women and Read more […]

Bill Maher Attacks Rick Perry Over Prayer Comment

Bill Maher does not rate much attention. I don’t watch his show, and I rarely pay attention to his attempts at comedy. He’s not very funny. It’s no wonder that he went into the baser things of life after his flop as an actor. He appeared in the forgettable 1989 film Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death and lesser known films thereafter. His latest attack on religion (almost a weekly occurence on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher) is a slam at Texas Gov. Rick Perry for suggesting that Read more […]

And the loser is… Jim Lehrer

Poor Jim Lehrer. You can be relatively certain that you’ve lost a debate when you try to distract people from what was said to how well the moderator did his job. By all counts—even the ever-liberal Bill Maher—Mitt Romney easily won last night’s presidential debate. It was obvious that Romney was more prepared, and more passionate. Obama looked lost and overwhelmed. He certainly didn’t come across as the “leader of the free world.” But what is most telling is the negative criticism Read more […]

Obama Tells Radical Islamists: “Future Must Not Belong to Those Who Slander the Prophet of Islam”

Imagine that the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center have just fallen after having been engulfed in flames for what seemed an eternity. We’ve received word that Islamic terrorists were the perpetrators of these attacks, and they are still out there in the world, alive, thriving, planning another attack, and celebrating on our TV sets. Your spirits are as leveled as the towers. President Bush arrives on the scene. He borrows a megaphone from a firefighter, climbs atop the rubble, and, his countenance Read more […]

Bill Maher: Obama’s Court Jester

Ever the political genius, Bill Maher has predicted that Mitt Romney lost the presidential election with his response to President Obama’s response to the Cairo Embassy attacks last week. Maher compared Romney’s response to the president as being the same as John McCain’s decision to suspend his campaign in 2008 when faced with a financial crisis. Maher said McCain made Obama look “cooler and smarter,” and essentially won the court of public opinion with his decision. Maher believes Romney Read more […]

Bill Maher’s ‘Religulous’ and Muslims as Chimpanzees

I never saw Bill Maher’s anti-religious film Religulous, a compound word made from “religion” and “ridiculous.” There’s not much that’s new in the film when it comes to Christian bashing. What a lot of people don’t know, and those who do know aren’t saying, is that Maher’s Religulous also attacks Islam, not just in passing, but in nearly 20 minutes of ridicule. Religulous has been out since 2008. It’s played in movie theaters and on cable networks. Anybody can rent a copy, Read more […]